Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tooth Fairy

I know its really random that the first post I blog in three months is about the "Tooth Fairy", but the pictures were easily accessible and why not she is precious!
Soon to come will be baby "Kwinny's" 1st Birthday pics(yes it did take place in November) but who's counting. Kensley actually lost her first tooth the night of Kennedy's party. Then lost her second the next night. It was busy around the Soffos house!

Look at my baby girl all grown up and losing her 1st tooth! Yes I bawled like a baby that night.

So proud and checking out her new grill while going to bed.

Night number two!

Funny thing happens when you are a parent, you can hear a really funny story from someone and think "ha" that's funny but never think it will relate to your life. Well as I've learned from being a parent, ANYTHING can happen! Last year at our church women event a great speaker Priscilla Shier(which I'm now doing her bible study this semester and LOVE it!) spoke about how her son lost a tooth and her husband the "Tooth Fairy" gave him a $20! She was like what!?! And he proceeded to tell her that when all the grandparents gave the child money for their birthday he hid it and then gave it has tooth fairy money. I cracked up at that and even shared it with several people thinking it was too cute. Well Kensley finally pulling her tooth was not on my agenda so of course why would I have cash on me, I always use debit. So I have to confess that our tooth fairy was Kenendy's birthday money she had gotten that day at her party. Yes I know horrible taking from a little one on her 1st birthday, but I did pay her back. She had with drawls two nights in a row! Haha!

Kensley thought it was the neatest thing waking up the next morning and seeing the tooth fairy had been there and left her $5.00. We decided on this, like all other things inflation has taken over and lets face it kids get more these days. We thought that was fair enough. Although she did let us pull the other tooth the next day in hopes the tooth fairy left a DS game :). We thought we had done good until Nana and Mimi come over and give the kid 20 bucks for losing a tooth. Really!?!

We didn't get to enjoy her toothless grin for long, her other ones had already come in behind those so it was a must that she lose them. Now everyday she asks me if I think they are straightening out because she doesn't want braces. Oh to be a 6 year old!