Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend plans

Well I won't be doing this

(Ok so really I wouldn't be doing that, who am I kidding, last time I went skiing I got a black eye)
But instead doing this

And drinking one of these

I hate that we are missing out on our ski trip we have had planned for months, and also that our dear sweet friend Lindsey will be making the venture alone without us or her husband. She will be in my thoughts and prayers alot of the weekend and next week. It is a big deal to be going at it alone and I hate I am missing all the fun with her. But work does rule things around here and Cabe is overloaded right now. Which is such a very huge blessing!!! Not for one minute do we don't thank God for the blessings his business have had this year, we know that he is so very fortunate to have so much work, when others have none.

Their have been some big blessings work wise come Cabe's way just within the past couple of weeks, and we both think it is opening so many doors for us. Cabe has wanted to really expand his business and span out more with his commercial work, and it is like God is taking him all over now and building his name in the business. It is such a huge praise!!! We just can't say more, than thank you God and all the doors you have opened for our family. I want to give back so much, and with Christmas season that just adds to me really wanting to help out others. Not to mention that this movie was just awesome

Last weekend Cabe and I had a date night. We went and saw The Blind Side and ate at Loca Luna, one of our favorites! Both were excellent!

Oh yeah, I have to share an early Christmas present to me and hubby. I have begged for one, and Cabe didn't think it I needed one. (Truth is Mr. Style wanted one for himself was the reason he didn't want me to get it first) Well we broke down last week and order us both one in case we did get to go skiing. Got it in yesterday and I just adore it. It is every thing I hoped it would be!

Well Happy Friday everyone!!! I know that was a bunch of stuff all thrown into one post, maybe it I didn't post every 3 months!
I hope to post pictures of the kiddos birthdays this weekend, but not making any promises......Ha

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