Monday, October 26, 2009


I have the best intentions at keeping up with my blog, but lets face it I have three kids 5 and under! I'm lucky if I get in bed at 11:30 on a good night, not to mention all last week Kensley was home with swine flu! Huh, that is such a nasty name!!! We have been such germaphobs this fall, with all the talk about H1N1 and every other bug that is going around. But yep, we all got sick with something. I had not been myself for about two weeks, really fatigued and stomach bugs, then Cabe got it, and then Kensley. Klayton has had a few ear infections, but nothing major for him. Surprisingly he and Kennedy have been the healthiest of all.

I went to the doctor last week because I was just sick of the constant sinus stuff and stomach bug, aches..... they gave me some antibiotics and called it sinus issues. Kensley however missed school Monday because when she woke up her stomach was hurting her like Cabe and I and she was having aches. To be on the safe side I didn't send her to school, but Tuesday I thought she was well enough to go. Nope, the nurse called right before I was going to the doctor, and said she was asleep in her office. They said she didn't have a fever, but just didn't feel good. So we picked her up from school, and within 15 minutes she was burning up with fever. The next day we took her to the doctor and after a negative strep test they tested her for H1N1, and she was positive! Nightmare for me!!! She was really achy and ran a really high fever (104) for about two days, then it went away. She stayed home all week and I have to admit I truly loved it. I was thinking I might never send her back. I enjoyed not having to rush at night to have dinner, baths, and bedtime by 8. We hung out like the old days and weren't so rushed. I got to snuggle her every night on the couch and watch movies. It was a gift in disguise! I knew today would be really hard for me to send her back to school. She on the other hand was so thrilled to see her friends and teacher. She asked all last week if I was sure she couldn't go to school. It broke my heart knowing she was growing up and wishing to be with friends over family. Ok, maybe not to the extreme, but she is really changing lately. She seems so much more mature now that she is in school. I remember other mommy friends would tell me that their children grew up once they started school. It was another one of those type things you don't understand until you experience it.

I was reading Kelly's blog tonight, and realized I'm not the only mommy who has those moments of emotion thinking something is changing and this might be your last. I never knew how much I cherished those days with none school aged babies at home. I'm probably also a little emotional because that said baby turns SIX this week!! I can't believe my little pumpkin has been her six years, it really does go by way too fast.

Sorry there are no pictures today, I'm posting from my very ancient laptop that is about to bite the dust and I don't put pictures on here anymore in fear I may lose them. I'm update tomorrow about all our fall activities we have done lately.

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Brad, Julie, and Peyton said...

Katy, I know how you feel! I cry all the time just thinking of how I wish Peyton was still my baby!! It seems like he should be 3 instead of 7!