Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dryers and Pumpkins

I was so irritated today when my laundry got interrupted by the repairman. I have had my dryer like this for over a month now!

Besides it looking like this, it worked just fine. The knob that you turn to change the cycle has been wearing over the past few months, but not to where you couldn't use it. Cabe had asked for months that I call and schedule it to get fixed before it was out of warranty. So finally I crossed that call of my to-do-list. But the dryer was long out of warranty so I agreed to pay for the service call to fix the striped knob. Well the repairman came out in September and said he would have to order a whole new knob. Today is when the knob finally came in and he came to put my dryer back together. After him working on it for hours I started getting a little concerned about how much this so called quick fix service call was going to cost me. About that time he comes to get me to show me the dryer. His words "Well I've got some bad news!" Never a good thing from someone working on you stuff. He tells me that he was wrong and that wasn't the part he needed, so it isn't fixed, but now the knob won't turn at all and I can only do laundry on what the knob was last turned too. Do you want to know what the knob was set on?!? HIGH!! I mean great!! Unless I want my already too tight clothes tighter, I won't be drying anything for another month!! Cabe called him to check and see how long this part would take to get in, and what to you guess, he never called us back.

I was so very irritated since this weekend is Kensley's birthday and we will be having people out. I was down to two loads left before every single item of laundry was folded and put away. No my never ending pile can stack up again. I was still so bummed about it that when I went to pick up Kensley from school I stopped my the store to buy a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper. (A thing I never do anymore, because one I'm trying to lose weight, two I don't drink anything with caffeine, and three because I'll end up with more kidney stones) But I needed a pick me up so I treated my self!! As soon as I got home I fixed a huge glass of ice and opened my DP. Well then what happens...... it has rolled in the car so it spews all over the kitchen. And of course Klay is right there to say, Mommy you are going to clean that up! Haha! Where do you think he has heard that? But once the floors were mopped I did sit down and enjoy my Dr. Pepper and my new Paula Deen magazine. I was all refreshed and ready to get back to work after my short lived break.

We went to the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago. I think we choose the coldest day in October, we enjoyed it, but didn't ride the hayride this year because we were all ready to get home and get in front of the fire.

Kwinny and Nana I don't think my mom is ever looking in any picture.

This picture cracked me up because all three kids nostrils were flared it was so cold out.

Kensley loves the pumpkin patch because we have always made such a big deal out of fall and the tradition of going to the pumpkin patch.

Not sure Kennedy understood the place. She was so amazed by the turkeys they had there. My dad got her to start gobbling and it was the cutest thing!

Klay could of cared less about pictures this day. I wanted my usual family pictures and he had other plans. The boy loved it too because it had rained so much and everything was a muddy mess. Me not so much!

Kensley, Carson, and Klayton Carson is five months younger than Klay, and his is nearly as big as Kensley.

I did get a few pictures with them all looking. This was one of my favorites!


The Rogers said...

If it make you feel better, my dryer is the same dryer we bought when we first got married, it was used and matched the washer, together $150. The dryer is starting to go out, its loud, real loud and takes about three cycles on high to dry anything. I just haven't gotten to fixing it or getting a new one.

Rachel Cox said...

Sorry about your dryer. :-( No fun!

The pictures were too cute!! Don't you just love fall?!

marietta said...

Your kids are so adorable Katy!