Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dryers and Pumpkins

I was so irritated today when my laundry got interrupted by the repairman. I have had my dryer like this for over a month now!

Besides it looking like this, it worked just fine. The knob that you turn to change the cycle has been wearing over the past few months, but not to where you couldn't use it. Cabe had asked for months that I call and schedule it to get fixed before it was out of warranty. So finally I crossed that call of my to-do-list. But the dryer was long out of warranty so I agreed to pay for the service call to fix the striped knob. Well the repairman came out in September and said he would have to order a whole new knob. Today is when the knob finally came in and he came to put my dryer back together. After him working on it for hours I started getting a little concerned about how much this so called quick fix service call was going to cost me. About that time he comes to get me to show me the dryer. His words "Well I've got some bad news!" Never a good thing from someone working on you stuff. He tells me that he was wrong and that wasn't the part he needed, so it isn't fixed, but now the knob won't turn at all and I can only do laundry on what the knob was last turned too. Do you want to know what the knob was set on?!? HIGH!! I mean great!! Unless I want my already too tight clothes tighter, I won't be drying anything for another month!! Cabe called him to check and see how long this part would take to get in, and what to you guess, he never called us back.

I was so very irritated since this weekend is Kensley's birthday and we will be having people out. I was down to two loads left before every single item of laundry was folded and put away. No my never ending pile can stack up again. I was still so bummed about it that when I went to pick up Kensley from school I stopped my the store to buy a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper. (A thing I never do anymore, because one I'm trying to lose weight, two I don't drink anything with caffeine, and three because I'll end up with more kidney stones) But I needed a pick me up so I treated my self!! As soon as I got home I fixed a huge glass of ice and opened my DP. Well then what happens...... it has rolled in the car so it spews all over the kitchen. And of course Klay is right there to say, Mommy you are going to clean that up! Haha! Where do you think he has heard that? But once the floors were mopped I did sit down and enjoy my Dr. Pepper and my new Paula Deen magazine. I was all refreshed and ready to get back to work after my short lived break.

We went to the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago. I think we choose the coldest day in October, we enjoyed it, but didn't ride the hayride this year because we were all ready to get home and get in front of the fire.

Kwinny and Nana I don't think my mom is ever looking in any picture.

This picture cracked me up because all three kids nostrils were flared it was so cold out.

Kensley loves the pumpkin patch because we have always made such a big deal out of fall and the tradition of going to the pumpkin patch.

Not sure Kennedy understood the place. She was so amazed by the turkeys they had there. My dad got her to start gobbling and it was the cutest thing!

Klay could of cared less about pictures this day. I wanted my usual family pictures and he had other plans. The boy loved it too because it had rained so much and everything was a muddy mess. Me not so much!

Kensley, Carson, and Klayton Carson is five months younger than Klay, and his is nearly as big as Kensley.

I did get a few pictures with them all looking. This was one of my favorites!

Monday, October 26, 2009


I have the best intentions at keeping up with my blog, but lets face it I have three kids 5 and under! I'm lucky if I get in bed at 11:30 on a good night, not to mention all last week Kensley was home with swine flu! Huh, that is such a nasty name!!! We have been such germaphobs this fall, with all the talk about H1N1 and every other bug that is going around. But yep, we all got sick with something. I had not been myself for about two weeks, really fatigued and stomach bugs, then Cabe got it, and then Kensley. Klayton has had a few ear infections, but nothing major for him. Surprisingly he and Kennedy have been the healthiest of all.

I went to the doctor last week because I was just sick of the constant sinus stuff and stomach bug, aches..... they gave me some antibiotics and called it sinus issues. Kensley however missed school Monday because when she woke up her stomach was hurting her like Cabe and I and she was having aches. To be on the safe side I didn't send her to school, but Tuesday I thought she was well enough to go. Nope, the nurse called right before I was going to the doctor, and said she was asleep in her office. They said she didn't have a fever, but just didn't feel good. So we picked her up from school, and within 15 minutes she was burning up with fever. The next day we took her to the doctor and after a negative strep test they tested her for H1N1, and she was positive! Nightmare for me!!! She was really achy and ran a really high fever (104) for about two days, then it went away. She stayed home all week and I have to admit I truly loved it. I was thinking I might never send her back. I enjoyed not having to rush at night to have dinner, baths, and bedtime by 8. We hung out like the old days and weren't so rushed. I got to snuggle her every night on the couch and watch movies. It was a gift in disguise! I knew today would be really hard for me to send her back to school. She on the other hand was so thrilled to see her friends and teacher. She asked all last week if I was sure she couldn't go to school. It broke my heart knowing she was growing up and wishing to be with friends over family. Ok, maybe not to the extreme, but she is really changing lately. She seems so much more mature now that she is in school. I remember other mommy friends would tell me that their children grew up once they started school. It was another one of those type things you don't understand until you experience it.

I was reading Kelly's blog tonight, and realized I'm not the only mommy who has those moments of emotion thinking something is changing and this might be your last. I never knew how much I cherished those days with none school aged babies at home. I'm probably also a little emotional because that said baby turns SIX this week!! I can't believe my little pumpkin has been her six years, it really does go by way too fast.

Sorry there are no pictures today, I'm posting from my very ancient laptop that is about to bite the dust and I don't put pictures on here anymore in fear I may lose them. I'm update tomorrow about all our fall activities we have done lately.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dogs... and other stuff

Two weekends ago we went to Jet's field trials because they were close to our town. He had been gone at training for nearly three months and we were all really missing him. The field trials can be a little tiring because you are out in the middle of no where pretty much all day, but they are still alot of fun. He was running for a finished pass, which he got on both Saturday and Sunday. I didn't get that many good pictures of him, but I thought this one of him leaping was really neat. I captured it right when he was realized to go get the ducks. The other is one of my favorite pictures Jet, even though it was taken by Cabe's phone, it is still one of my favorites.

He is now home with us as of Sunday. Cabe drove to Memphis after lunch Sunday with Kensley and Klay while Kennedy and I did 10 loads of laundry! I was so relieved to get it all done, I was having a minor break down seeing it all piled up. Reason for it being all piled up was nothing from the unusual like having to wash sheets that got pee peed on, and tons of baby stuff. But I was sick in bed three days last week and it put me so far behind. Cabe had to take over the role of Mr. Mom and it was very funny. The first night of him preparing dinner I sat down and noticed he had sweat rolling down his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said "That was exhausting getting everything done and dinner on the table in time!" I wanted to bust out laughing but the poor guy had gone to all the trouble of making us dinner so I remained polite. Hopefully that is the only cold I get for the season, it is no fun being sick, especially since mommies don't get sick days. All the kids have had their flu shots and now this week I have to go get mine. Hubby opted not to get one for his horrible fear of needles.

I had to show this adorable picture of my friend Lindsey's dog Willow. She is just the cutest little thing and we loving having her come play at the house. She doesn't know what to think of the kids because they usually take off chasing her and Kennedy won't leave her alone. (Kennedy is in love with all animal, but mostly dogs!! She will squeal "dog dog" whenever we are around one.) Willow was showing out one night when we got home from going to the movies so I decided to get some pictures of her. She does this little head tilt when you will say something to her. It cracks me up!
Kennedy was sporting one of her ponytails the other day and she looked so cute, I just wanted to share the picture. Her hair has gotten so long in the front that when we don't pull it back or put a bow on it hangs in her eyes. This little one is almost one! I was at the doctor's office yesterday getting Kensley her flu shot and their was a new mom with her daughter in for their newborn check up. I just stopped and stared, I thought how I am through with all of those days and my season in life is now changing to school meetings and a house with just toddlers. Kensley herself was really intrigued by the baby and started talking about Kennedy when she was that little and how she missed her. It is just one of those times in life that go by so fast and you wish you could remember every part of it.

I would post a picture of my new hair cut and color except that it is HORRIBLE!!! I am having a really hard time letting it wear on me. I wanted all of my highlights taken out and my natural brown back with just a few auburn low lights. Well I got really really dark brown hair with ALOT of red highlights. I was just sick once I got to the car and realized how dark my hair really was. I called my friend pretty much in tears and told her she must come look at it. She excepted to be shocked but she said she really liked it and it was trendy. The only problem is I don't think I'm a trendy girl what so ever. I'm gonna wear it for a few days and see if it grows on me. My hair dresser said she did it darker because it will fade, but I'm not real sure it is going to fade into the brown I was wanting. Until then I may just go out with a hat on all the time.