Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful Curls

Today we did a little shopping downtown and then got Klayton's hair cut. I was a little sad (okay maybe a lot) to see his beautiful curls go. This little man has had his curls now since around March. When he was littler his hair in the back would curl up and he just looked like an angel. So back in the spring I decided it was too cute and we were going to let his hair grow.

It grew and it grew, but the boy never sat still so after I would fix his hair each morning he would go out and turn what was precious into this.............

Since his hair was never kept up and he was starting to look unkept, which he isn't, I decided it must be cut.

This was the first time I've ever taken him to my hairdresser Ashley. She did a really good job and he looks so handsome again. I was amazed at all the hair on the floor I should have taken a picture of it but my little camera is messed up so I didn't get any pictures.



Photos are not the best quality because they were taken with my phone, but still cute.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm still alive.....

Sorry it has been umm......... like 3 months since I have posted an actual worth something post. I have been getting calls about it too! Haha!! Love you Mamaw! I have not abandoned it, and the idea you had about coming down to watch the kids so I can catch up doesn't sound so bad.

My dad has moved to Dallas also and has been asking for pictures of the kids so it is a must I get back in the swing of updating the blog.

I have so many cute pics of our summer to post and now that it is fall, we are in our busy season. (Three kids with birthdays in the next two months! Super busy!)

These are just a few pics from summer to show what all we have been up too.

Kensley had her 4th dance recital, and she was an adorable mouse!

She graduated preschool, and tears were shed thinking about her graduating high school before I know it.

Tee ball, which was so cute, but we realized it was more for daddy then her. Can you see her enthusiasm? Haha!

We went to Disney World and had so much fun!! Klay asks everyday when we are going back.

Cabe and I celebrated our 6th anniversary in St. Louis. We saw a Cardinals game, I had another kidney stone, we toured Anaheuaser-Busch, went in the Arch, and ate at the greatness that is The Cheesecake Factory.

Kennedy got even cuter!! Love, love, love this picture!!

My car was towed from the airport. Valet had such a good time driving it while I was in Disney World.
We had a reunion with the Soffos side of the family

Kennedy was moved to her crib. Pulled up and started crawling all in the same day. It was a sad sad moment! Also a lonely night without my little Kwinny next to me.

We floated the Buffalo with some great friends, who were such good sports when their canoe was folded in half.

Klayton went to his first Cardinals game with Cabe, while me and the girls had a weekend together.

The kids enjoyed summer to its fullest, and I think Kensley had a really good last summer with us before she began school. It was very full, but that was how I wanted it.

I'm now off to the DMV to renew tags and take Klay for his horseback riding lessons. Have a great Tuesday everyone!!