Friday, May 29, 2009

Water Day

What a fun day we had!! Kensley's school had water day for the last day of school, and even though she is just a T/TH student she went to join in on the fun. Kensley wanted Klay to stay so we hung around, and at some point Klay decided he couldn't take it anymore and he jumped in the pool also. I hadn't brought him swim trunks because I was just gonna get some pictures of Kensley and go, but he had other intentions.

I hung out with these boys while Kensley and the rest of the class practiced for graduation tonight. These two are some of my favorite little guys from this year. Wade is just the cutest thing ever, and I think he is a doll. And Paxton is such a friend friend of Kensley's. His mom and Cabe grew up in Camden together.

They had different stations set up and the classes would rotate. I think the kids enjoyed the pool and sprinkler area best! But who can blame them. They were all shivering when they got through playing in the water and had to lay out in the sun a little to dry off.

This is Kensley and her friend Kiara. These two are the little princess of the class I think. But pretty much every girl in the class is girly girl.

Point in case........ Is this not the funniest thing! Me and the teachers were laughing about all the girls having their towels laid out sun tanning. Wade kept moving his towel where ever the girls were. Future lady's man!

Klay just joins in like he is one of the kids in every activity at Kensley's preschool. He is so ready to go, and the have a spot open for him, but I think my little man will be here with me just one more year.

Fun in the Sun!! Now we are resting and getting ready for the big preschool graduation tonight. Can't wait to see my little angel up there on stage. Mommy is going to need Kleenex.

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Rachel Cox said...

Hope everything is going well! Noticed you hadn't updated in a while, so thought I would drop a note to say that I hope all is well!! :-)