Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Us Where you Live Friday Kitchen

This is the Kitchen edition of Kelly's Show Us Where you Live Friday. I like to think of it as cribs blogging style! Except in my kitchen I decided to not show you what I've got in the fridge. Because what I do have is three small children and no maid to nicely organize what we eat.

I was so thrilled Kelly picked the kitchen to tour first, because it is my favorite part of my house! I love cooking, entertaining, and also I'm just really proud of how beautiful my kitchen is. I looked through many magazines and online to pick out exactly what I wanted. My cabinet guy did such an awesome job and LOVE, love, LOVE my kitchen! Did I mention I'm partial to that room! ha!

This is the view from my living room into the kitchen. It opens up through a huge archway which I love.
My dad is an architect and he designed our house for us, so there are a lot of neat things he added throughout.

I love that my cabinets are painted antique. Our neighbor had her cabinets like this and I fell in love!!
My barstools were also a favorite pick. I had a really hard time finding some that flowed well and weren't just like the table barstools. I loved the woven ones, but if you could see close up what my table looks like where Klay sits you would understand why I couldn't have those. A builder that Cabe does business for gave a gift certificate to a local furniture store for Christmas and I ordered those with it. Great gift uh?

Now for the grand daddy of it all! The STOVE!!! That bad boy does some cooking around the holidays and I point it out to Cabe every time. He couldn't understand why I would want a stove that big. Well lets see: its gas, true convection bake, 8 burners, double oven, and hello its gorgeous! I know its silly to say you are thankful for something so minor, but I am!!

Another awesome thing is dishwasher drawers. At least every night I run a drawer when we go to bed, so it makes it great that if you have dirty dishes you just load them in the other one. True genius! Had to be a women who invented that.

Some of my cookbooks in the side shelfs. Paula Deen's kid cookbook and Taste of Home, yum! My favorite Paula Deen is on the counter. As well as my new Mango Chutney Paula Deen candle from Wal-Mart! Yes two great things together, Paula and Wal-Mart, the south is good!

Looking from the kitchen to the eating area.

This is what Cabe had in his room growing up with all his toys and books on it. Its is darling! One day I want to put it in Klayton's bedroom, but I love it in the kitchen, and I have no other piece to take its place. I love its charm and warmth, also the history in it.

The archway, and a glimpse of my favorite chandelier in the house.

This picture isn't that great, but it was so hard to get the right angle to capture what I was trying to show. In the middle of the kitchen ceiling it goes into a huge vault with big cedar beams and the chandelier. Also a cross I got at one of my favorite little stores in northern Arkansas. I hope to add more, I just haven't found any others I'm that crazy about. Cabe teases me and says it looks like I'm creating a temple there with just the one.

And these are my dishes! Yes alot of dishes, and the sad thing is I only bought one set.
These are our everyday dishes that we got as wedding gifts. I got nine sets in both colors! So blessed! Another, crazy thing to be thankful for, but at the time Cabe and I got married we were so appreciative of anything, paper plates would of done fine.

These dishes are so beautiful. They are Vietri, and my mother in-law got me these as a present. She also got me red ones for Christmas. She kinda has a shopping addiction when it comes to plates.

Yes another set from my mother in-law. I keep these out in the fall with all my pumpkins and it looks great.

And these are the set I bought. I keep these out with all my Easter and spring stuff.

So that is my kitchen, hope ya'll liked it. I know I love it, and am proud of it. Cabe and I did alot of the work in the house, one of the things being all the tile in the kitchen, so it is nice to see your work everyday and like it so much. Can't wait to see everyone else kitchens. I have already looked through several and seen some of the most beautiful things. I love how it truly is the heart of alot of homes. At least in mine I know we spend a ton of time in the kitchen. Maybe thats just a southern thing, but like my girl says......
Love and best dishes' from my house to yours!!!


fordfamily said...

Beautiful! I love everything!! I want that stove!! The bar stools go perfect! The color of the cabinets is beautiful! So warm and inviting!

sportzmom said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! I love all of your plates change all the time since my kids seem to chip them constantly. Right now I'm using plastic! Have a great weekend!

Tara G. said...

It's lovely! We spend so much time in them, they ought to look and function that good!

Andrea said...

GORGEOUS! You have fabulous taste! This is so much fun looking at everyones kitchens! Thanks for sharing! :)

The Borgfeld's said...

LOVE your kitchen!!! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Kelly said...

Okay - this might be my favorite kitchen on the tour! I LOVE it - it is GORGEOUS! I hope you will join in on the other fridays because I want to see the rest of your house now!!!
P.S. Do you live in AR???

Angie Seaman said...

Great kitchen. Love the dishwasher draws too. Thanks for sharing. Found you thru Kelly's blog. Just got my kitchen tour post up today. Little late. Ha ha! :)
Blessings, Angie Seaman (blog) (website) (photography blog)

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, so beautiful!! I want a kitchen just like this! Thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth said...

Your kitchen is beautiful!

Amber S said...

I love your kitchen! Beautiful! I especially love the chandelier and the dishes. You have great taste.

Heather said...

Katy- I LOVE your kitchen! It is gorgeous! I'm like Kelly....I can't wait to see the rest of your house! Also- I have been meaning to ask you but maybe after I have Avery Kate and start getting out of my pajamas and out of the house (You know, in like 6 months- ha!) we can meet for lunch with our kiddos?? I would love to get to catch up!

Whitney said...

Love your kitchen!! Which part of Arkansas do ya'll live in? We live in Russellville! Can't wait to see the rest of your house!

Katy S said...

Thanks so much for all the nice comments. I live in Conway. And I hate to disappoint some of you waiting on the rest of my house. The kitchen is truly the greatest. My decorating needs a little help in the rest.

Sally said...

So pretty and well-arranged! I have the Chocolate Berries dishes too! I love them! The pitcher like you have on your shelf is one of my favorite pieces. I get tons of compliments when I use it and the soup tureen. Thanks for sharing!

Alaska Girl said...

Omigosh, I LOVE your stove! I do a lot of entertaining, also, and run out of burners all the time. I also love your dishwasher(s). I was wondering if you would share the name of the place you got your "These Are The Children God Gave Me" frame? It is so beautiful! My email is


Alaska Girl said...

P.S. Paula Deen rocks! I met Captain Michael last summer when I was waiting for Paula to get off the cruise ship (during her Alaskan cruise) but I had jury duty and had to leave before Paula could sign my cookbook. Boo.

New England Gal said...

I am in love with your kitchen!!! That is totally my style and the plantation shutters sealed the deal for me! Great job!
P.S. I am rooting for Kris to win as well!!!