Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kris Rocked!!!

Cutie Kris Allen is coming HOME!! He made it through and now he is coming home for his hometown concert/parade. Isn't that just awesome!

I am so pumped for he and his wife! What an amazing opportunity!! Our church (where Kris attends) has been praying and backing him so hard. They have hosted a watch party every Tuesday, and we haven't been yet. But we will for sure be at the parade on Friday.

Kensley and Klayton were so cute when they said Kris made it through. They started jumping up and down screaming. Kensley said "Now I can tell everyone at school tomorrow that Kris made it."

I have got to get working on the kids some shirts that back Kris. They are selling different ones all around town, but you know I'm gonna have to come up with something original. I already have in the works Kennedy's shirt that says "Kris makes me Drool!" I'll post pics of the kiddos in their shirts on Friday.

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