Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kensley's Last day of Preschool

Last day of Preschool! Now the summer will begin and we are starting it off with a list full of activities already. We leave for Disney World in a little less than a month and I am so excited!! I am really happy we are getting to do this with Kensley before she begins school.

She was all ready this morning to get pictures made with her sign. It was so precious, I didn't even tell her I would be taking her picture, but first thing after she got dressed she asked where her sign was.

If you remember back to the first day of preschool I had her picture taken with her sign. It was a tradition my parents always did with me and my sisters and I hope to continue with my kids. I also like to remember the lasts though too, so I thought each year I would do a last day just to compare their growth.

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