Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am a Promise!

I have had a hard time keeping up with the blog lately, but I'm making an attempt to catch things up. Trust me I do think about it, but Kennedy's schedule has been off lately.

We had Kensley's spring musical at preschool a couple of weeks ago and it was so precious. I was so super excited that this time she got to participate in it. Last time the ice storm canceled it, and the make up play just so happened to be the day I was in the ER preparing for kidney surgery.

Kensley had a solo part in the play. The ONLY solo part, and she got cold feet and decided not to do it. We had been working on pumping up her confidence so she would shine on stage. I thought it was such a huge compliment that Mrs. Jamie offered the part to Kensley. But our little girl is SO incredibly shy.

The musical was I am a Promise, the classes were different occupations and Kensley's class was the teachers. Klayton loved watching it and was clapping so hard after each performance. He would of really enjoyed doing it himself. His age group were the firefighters and he spotted some of his friends. It was so cute to hear him talk about his friends on stage. We are always talking about how much Kensley is growing up and attending her activities, that we tend to forget that he is growing too. I really can't think about my little man in preschool and having plays, but he is getting old enough. So sad!

Anyway, the play went well and all the kids were very proud of themselves. After the play we had gone out to eat with my family, and it happened to be Prom night. Kensley loved looking at all the girls in their dresses. She was asking Cabe and I about our prom and I showed her our pictures. Oh how sad that is! I've grown myself since then. Haha! Its never fun to look back at old pictures and realize you have gained so much weight. I think I may post my prom pic as motivation to lose weight.

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Heather said...

DARLING PICS and KIDS!!!! Don't be so hard on yourself...I think you are beautiful....then and now!! PROMISE!