Friday, May 29, 2009

Water Day

What a fun day we had!! Kensley's school had water day for the last day of school, and even though she is just a T/TH student she went to join in on the fun. Kensley wanted Klay to stay so we hung around, and at some point Klay decided he couldn't take it anymore and he jumped in the pool also. I hadn't brought him swim trunks because I was just gonna get some pictures of Kensley and go, but he had other intentions.

I hung out with these boys while Kensley and the rest of the class practiced for graduation tonight. These two are some of my favorite little guys from this year. Wade is just the cutest thing ever, and I think he is a doll. And Paxton is such a friend friend of Kensley's. His mom and Cabe grew up in Camden together.

They had different stations set up and the classes would rotate. I think the kids enjoyed the pool and sprinkler area best! But who can blame them. They were all shivering when they got through playing in the water and had to lay out in the sun a little to dry off.

This is Kensley and her friend Kiara. These two are the little princess of the class I think. But pretty much every girl in the class is girly girl.

Point in case........ Is this not the funniest thing! Me and the teachers were laughing about all the girls having their towels laid out sun tanning. Wade kept moving his towel where ever the girls were. Future lady's man!

Klay just joins in like he is one of the kids in every activity at Kensley's preschool. He is so ready to go, and the have a spot open for him, but I think my little man will be here with me just one more year.

Fun in the Sun!! Now we are resting and getting ready for the big preschool graduation tonight. Can't wait to see my little angel up there on stage. Mommy is going to need Kleenex.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kensley's Last day of Preschool

Last day of Preschool! Now the summer will begin and we are starting it off with a list full of activities already. We leave for Disney World in a little less than a month and I am so excited!! I am really happy we are getting to do this with Kensley before she begins school.

She was all ready this morning to get pictures made with her sign. It was so precious, I didn't even tell her I would be taking her picture, but first thing after she got dressed she asked where her sign was.

If you remember back to the first day of preschool I had her picture taken with her sign. It was a tradition my parents always did with me and my sisters and I hope to continue with my kids. I also like to remember the lasts though too, so I thought each year I would do a last day just to compare their growth.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy....when does it all slow down?

My mind has been racing so much lately. I have so many thoughts, and really can't put them all to words to make since. But it is so amazing to me that it seems like every time I have all these overwhelming emotions and questions, God answers. I haven't yet had one of those times where I think God just talks to me. You know those moments you wait on. People talk about them, they say it was like nothing they could of ever imagined experiencing, but God spoke to them.

Well he answers me frequently, and when he does it is like a swarm of belief and awe come over me.

Tonight at small group, our leader Josh was asking us if we feel busy. He was trying to explain how he just has had this question hanging over him like asking why he is so busy and what can he do to slow it down. I felt at that moment like I was hearing exactly what I needed to hear at the time. Life is busy, kids are busy, marriage is busy! But really have I gotten so busy I forgot to slow down for God.

It is something I can't fully explain, and my not of made since up to this point, but my ramblings help me get it all out so I can sort through and make sense. We talked through what helps others slow down and ways to just be alone with God, it was so refreshing. I read the other day an email where this mom questioned her way of living so far. She said she got very sick all of a sudden and had to go to the hospital. She said while they were running all the tests and trying to help her heart slow, she realized this could be the end. And she wondered what her kids would remember last about her. Was she to busy doing laundry to play toys, was she getting the floors swept so she couldn't go outside, was she so stressed paying bills that she didn't see their laughter. She had become a "No" mom. If she died her kids would remember her being to busy. That hit me so hard as I looked at my own kids playing alone because I had so much laundry to fold.

Life isn't simplistic anymore. There are so many gadgets and things to help simplify that I almost feel they are what makes it worse. When all in all, I can really get down to the nity grity in my life and see what my priorities are and what needs to be around. I would free up time without so much to keep me busy if I remembered to prioritize, and number one on that list is God. I want to be that mom that smiles, that wife that glows, and the daughter in Christ who dances in rejoice. I know it is ramblings, but so much lately in media and real "reality" has been about busy lives. I'm glad I got to talk with my group tonight about it all, it took a load off just speaking the word about it.

On another note, Kensley's last day of pre-school is tomorrow. The year has flown by and another chapter in our lives is ending. This summer I have been dreading for a long time. Well to be exact the day I became a mother. I have kept track of the summers I had until my baby started school. Well the time is here, and it officially begins tomorrow. This summer, I'm gonna be a "Yes" mom, no matter how high the laundry gets piled up!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am a Promise!

I have had a hard time keeping up with the blog lately, but I'm making an attempt to catch things up. Trust me I do think about it, but Kennedy's schedule has been off lately.

We had Kensley's spring musical at preschool a couple of weeks ago and it was so precious. I was so super excited that this time she got to participate in it. Last time the ice storm canceled it, and the make up play just so happened to be the day I was in the ER preparing for kidney surgery.

Kensley had a solo part in the play. The ONLY solo part, and she got cold feet and decided not to do it. We had been working on pumping up her confidence so she would shine on stage. I thought it was such a huge compliment that Mrs. Jamie offered the part to Kensley. But our little girl is SO incredibly shy.

The musical was I am a Promise, the classes were different occupations and Kensley's class was the teachers. Klayton loved watching it and was clapping so hard after each performance. He would of really enjoyed doing it himself. His age group were the firefighters and he spotted some of his friends. It was so cute to hear him talk about his friends on stage. We are always talking about how much Kensley is growing up and attending her activities, that we tend to forget that he is growing too. I really can't think about my little man in preschool and having plays, but he is getting old enough. So sad!

Anyway, the play went well and all the kids were very proud of themselves. After the play we had gone out to eat with my family, and it happened to be Prom night. Kensley loved looking at all the girls in their dresses. She was asking Cabe and I about our prom and I showed her our pictures. Oh how sad that is! I've grown myself since then. Haha! Its never fun to look back at old pictures and realize you have gained so much weight. I think I may post my prom pic as motivation to lose weight.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kris Rocked!!!

Cutie Kris Allen is coming HOME!! He made it through and now he is coming home for his hometown concert/parade. Isn't that just awesome!

I am so pumped for he and his wife! What an amazing opportunity!! Our church (where Kris attends) has been praying and backing him so hard. They have hosted a watch party every Tuesday, and we haven't been yet. But we will for sure be at the parade on Friday.

Kensley and Klayton were so cute when they said Kris made it through. They started jumping up and down screaming. Kensley said "Now I can tell everyone at school tomorrow that Kris made it."

I have got to get working on the kids some shirts that back Kris. They are selling different ones all around town, but you know I'm gonna have to come up with something original. I already have in the works Kennedy's shirt that says "Kris makes me Drool!" I'll post pics of the kiddos in their shirts on Friday.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Us Where you Live Friday Kitchen

This is the Kitchen edition of Kelly's Show Us Where you Live Friday. I like to think of it as cribs blogging style! Except in my kitchen I decided to not show you what I've got in the fridge. Because what I do have is three small children and no maid to nicely organize what we eat.

I was so thrilled Kelly picked the kitchen to tour first, because it is my favorite part of my house! I love cooking, entertaining, and also I'm just really proud of how beautiful my kitchen is. I looked through many magazines and online to pick out exactly what I wanted. My cabinet guy did such an awesome job and LOVE, love, LOVE my kitchen! Did I mention I'm partial to that room! ha!

This is the view from my living room into the kitchen. It opens up through a huge archway which I love.
My dad is an architect and he designed our house for us, so there are a lot of neat things he added throughout.

I love that my cabinets are painted antique. Our neighbor had her cabinets like this and I fell in love!!
My barstools were also a favorite pick. I had a really hard time finding some that flowed well and weren't just like the table barstools. I loved the woven ones, but if you could see close up what my table looks like where Klay sits you would understand why I couldn't have those. A builder that Cabe does business for gave a gift certificate to a local furniture store for Christmas and I ordered those with it. Great gift uh?

Now for the grand daddy of it all! The STOVE!!! That bad boy does some cooking around the holidays and I point it out to Cabe every time. He couldn't understand why I would want a stove that big. Well lets see: its gas, true convection bake, 8 burners, double oven, and hello its gorgeous! I know its silly to say you are thankful for something so minor, but I am!!

Another awesome thing is dishwasher drawers. At least every night I run a drawer when we go to bed, so it makes it great that if you have dirty dishes you just load them in the other one. True genius! Had to be a women who invented that.

Some of my cookbooks in the side shelfs. Paula Deen's kid cookbook and Taste of Home, yum! My favorite Paula Deen is on the counter. As well as my new Mango Chutney Paula Deen candle from Wal-Mart! Yes two great things together, Paula and Wal-Mart, the south is good!

Looking from the kitchen to the eating area.

This is what Cabe had in his room growing up with all his toys and books on it. Its is darling! One day I want to put it in Klayton's bedroom, but I love it in the kitchen, and I have no other piece to take its place. I love its charm and warmth, also the history in it.

The archway, and a glimpse of my favorite chandelier in the house.

This picture isn't that great, but it was so hard to get the right angle to capture what I was trying to show. In the middle of the kitchen ceiling it goes into a huge vault with big cedar beams and the chandelier. Also a cross I got at one of my favorite little stores in northern Arkansas. I hope to add more, I just haven't found any others I'm that crazy about. Cabe teases me and says it looks like I'm creating a temple there with just the one.

And these are my dishes! Yes alot of dishes, and the sad thing is I only bought one set.
These are our everyday dishes that we got as wedding gifts. I got nine sets in both colors! So blessed! Another, crazy thing to be thankful for, but at the time Cabe and I got married we were so appreciative of anything, paper plates would of done fine.

These dishes are so beautiful. They are Vietri, and my mother in-law got me these as a present. She also got me red ones for Christmas. She kinda has a shopping addiction when it comes to plates.

Yes another set from my mother in-law. I keep these out in the fall with all my pumpkins and it looks great.

And these are the set I bought. I keep these out with all my Easter and spring stuff.

So that is my kitchen, hope ya'll liked it. I know I love it, and am proud of it. Cabe and I did alot of the work in the house, one of the things being all the tile in the kitchen, so it is nice to see your work everyday and like it so much. Can't wait to see everyone else kitchens. I have already looked through several and seen some of the most beautiful things. I love how it truly is the heart of alot of homes. At least in mine I know we spend a ton of time in the kitchen. Maybe thats just a southern thing, but like my girl says......
Love and best dishes' from my house to yours!!!