Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby's got her pink sequined shoes on!!

Klayton insisted on Kennedy wearing her shoes today. I hadn't put her in any shoes until this past weekend and I guess he really liked it, because now he has a fascination about going in her closet and playing with them. I came in to the living room and about came out of my skin because he was hovered over her doing something. I ran to see what he had done, and he stepped back and smiled proudly and said "See mommy she has her pretty shoes on!"

He too had put on his pretty shoes!! Can you see the silver sequined shoes? That isn't Kensley wearing them! ha! He had successfully gotten her shoes on her, but also Klaybo style.(On the wrong feet) And I assure you he wasn't standing on her hand. I know it looks like but he wasn't. He is actually very careful with her. We have not had any accidents YET. Kensley had already sent Klayton to the emergency room by this age.

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