Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Not to Wear Sunday

I swore I wouldn't blog this and shame myself but I can laugh at myself now that the day has been done. However there will be no pictures because I don't want to remember the worst outfit in history.

Church mornings are always a little hectic now, because it happens to fall right at the time Kennedy loves her morning nap. So most Sundays she is hysterical while I try to dress her and myself. Then at church I usually end up pacing the hallways because she wants to coo during the sermon. Last night for some reason(actually early morning) Kennedy just couldn't sleep. I later realized it was really bad gas when I changed her diaper. So while I was up with her I decided I would be prepared with a bottle so I could sit in church today. We went back to bed and woke up at a decent time for everyone to get ready for church. This Sunday I had the kids clothes laid out for church. After poor Kensley had to wear an old dress that was too small and tights that didn't fit last week I thought I better make sure they were ready. So the kids were looking cute as could be, and everything fit, so I thought.

Well I go to put on my most of the time I am the one that has absolutely nothing to wear. Either because I have had another baby and still trying to get off the weight(that has been there for 5 years) or because my clothes are so outdated my grandma is trendier than I am. I get out a skirt that I have put off wearing for two years now because well, it is just plain ugly. So I put that on with a sweater that is it too big and so shear that my bra looks like I'm wearing some dark color with white. Never! And it is very cold so I have to put on panty hose with the skirt. But what shoes to wear...heels look so bad because the skirt hits at the most horrible length because I have very short stocky legs. I get my bargain flats that I got on sale because I didn't have any black and I needed black. Then I need to cover up this bad see through sweater so I grabbed my black coat that I think they sized wrong. Or either I have terminator arms that are bulging so much from muscles, you can't fit anything on with it.

By now the whole family is in the car except me, and it is 10:05. Cabe has been waiting in the car for a good 15 minutes rushing me. I grab the bags and bottle and head outside. As soon as I rounded the stairs in the garage Cabe looks at me with the funny stunned look. I get in and tell him not the say a word. He just busts out laughing and says, "Go change we will wait." Church starts at 10:15 and it takes a good 15 minutes to get there. I wouldn't of had much to change into even if I did go back inside so I just tell him lets go.

The whole ride to church I'm just frustrated and embarrassed by this horrible outfit that the fashion police would stroke on. Well Klay yells from the back seat that his feet are really hurting. I thought every ones shoes fit this week, but I guess not, one more thing we need to buy added to the list. As we are walking in I am telling Cabe I hope I don't run into alot of people because this outfit needs a huge bag over my whole body. As the door opens on of the greeters who is a fellow mom from Kensley's class says how lovely our family looks that we need a picture. Cabe being the smartelic he is, comments back "I was just saying that same thing!" I wanted to die! I drop the kids off quick and try to sit in the back where the lights are really dim. Low and behold but who do I look up and see? My favorite sales lady at my favorite local dress shop EM. I had gotten a gift certificate for Christmas and she helped me pick out everything since that store is kinda intimidating and I had just had a baby. Little did she now that belly had been there for years and wasn't going anywhere. Also the sweats I had worn in when she helped me pick out my clothes, if only she knew that was my favorite outfit. Luckily she didn't turn around and see me, or she would have wondered what happened the advice she gave me.

Needless to say I couldn't get home fast enough to change today. But on a very good note I got to sit through all of church today and Kennedy slept. Cabe said he was going to call What not to wear on me. Hey I think I would love that! I know my wardrobe needs some help and who wouldn't love a $5000 shopping spree.

On a side note, I was so happy to eat dinner tonight for free. I used my Quizno's coupons for the free subs I had gotten off of the Frugal Living blog. We got a paper on the way home and clipped coupons after dinner. I am all organized with my coupon holder and list of sale items. I'm ready to hit the grocery store this week and see how much I can save. It really becomes like a fun game!

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Rachel Cox said...

KATY! WOW!!!! It has been SO long since I have seen you. How are you?! I can't believe you have 3 kiddos now... That is just amazing! Time sure does fly!

Me and Derek are doing good! We celebrate our 5 year anniversary this summer. Hard to believe it has been that long. You know how that goes... :-)

But we are really good, life keeps us busy... but nothing like having three kids to look after. All of yours are PRECIOUS. But Kennedy is doubly precious! So cute!!

We aren't quite to the kid stage yet, but I think we are getting closer. We might start thinking about them in the Fall or so...

It's so funny cause our first little girl is going to be named Katy and I specifically choose that spelling because I always loved how your name was. :-) Small world isn't it?!

So what are you up to? You a stay at home mom?