Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stellan on the brain

I have been so consumed by updates on Stellan. If you haven't been reading MckMama's blog you should click over there and read about her amazing little warrior. Stellan has SVT which he had in utero and they told MckMama he would not live. Well MckMuffin was born a happy healthy little prince and now at 5 months is back in SVT. He is fighting so hard and is so tired, as is momma.

Please pray for this family. Stellan's story as with others have brought so many to Christ. It is amazing and another reason I am way too addicted to blogging. It is so neat to hear peoples stories and share in their times of needed prayer where you probably would of never known of them had it not of been for this amazing circle of blogging community. And when I say circle, it is so funny how you read one persons blog and then realize the read one you do, or are friends with the same people you know.

Small world.... but so so awesome that I can the opportunity to pray for this little man through it all.

MckMuffin has a special place in my heart, maybe because him and Kennedy are around the same age, or maybe because his baby pics remind me of my little man. Either way. What a warrior!!


Heather said...

I have been reading and praying for him, too. Isn't God amazing?!?!? Kennedy is just so sweet, Katy girl! (Just like her momma!)

Leigh Ann said...

They ARE one amazing family! So incredibly strong!