Monday, March 23, 2009

So much to catch up on

Look what sweetpea has grown so much!?! Can you hear the emotion in my voice. Yes as I look through pictures today I'm emotional. Time goes by so fast and you just has to seize every moment. (Also as a side note on emotions, as we were going to bed last night, with Kensley and Klay in between us, and Baby K beside me in the co-sleeper. Cabe said I think we made a mistake having the vasectomy done so soon. Oh that hit my heart hard!) Its all good, God has his plans!

This is just a little of what has been going on in our lives since I haven't blogged in a week.

I took a break because my house was screaming to get some spring cleaning and organizing done. I had Rhea Lana, it is a huge consignment sale in our town, so clothes had to be priced and dropped off. That is such a huge task, but is so worth it. I had $740.00 off all the items I consigned!! Yay!! That is always a huge help when it comes time to buy the kids new clothes for the upcoming seasons. I meant to take a picture of all my stuff loaded in the car, but forgot. My car was loaded down!

Kennedy rolled over for her first time Sunday night March 15. I told Cabe it wasn't a true roll over because he was laying beside her and he helped assist her. But little miss was rolling like crazy on her play mat Monday, so I guess it was all on her own.
She was so proud of herself! She would flip over then get really excited and kick her legs fast. Too cute!

Klayton and I made pretzels from the kit his Aunt Ninny got him for his birthday Tuesday. It was such a perfect day. Kennedy pretty much sat and watched us play all day, and Klay so just so awesome. Its always good to have one of those days when things have been a little rocky.

Look at the girls playing Barbies! Isn't that the most precious picture? I mean can you tell I'm partial to these kids in this post or what. I'm just adoring all the sweet pictures of my babies.
Kensley had barbies in front of Kennedy the other day and she seemed so interested, so I agreed that Kensley could let her play with them if she took off all their tiny choking hazards. Kennedy sat there amazed for about an hour, staring at Kensley telling her all about the dolls.

Baby K sporting her big bow while we ate last Sunday at lunch. Mexican, what is better!! Yum! I have gotten some new bows in that I ordered for her and I have been so pleased with them. I found a girl on Etsy that makes the most precious bows, for such a reasonable price. I'm determined to make Kennedy like bows in her hair. Cabe hated them on Kensley so I think that is why she likes her hair down now. Not having it with my last little girl!

Alright, well that is just some of what has been going on this past week or so. I don't have pictures of Kensley at preschool on St. Patrick's Day with her cookies but she was so excited when Klayton and I showed up with green sprinkle cookies for the class. She has this thing for St. Patrick's Day! It is included in her list of favorite holidays, and we aren't even Irish, go figure. Also last night we celebrated my sister Kristy's 34th birthday! Happy Birthday sis!! I was under the weather all weekend with the seasonal allergy stuff, so I forgot to bring along the camera and take pictures. My dad grilled out burgers and we had a marble slab cake. I was so stuffed! We haven't been to the new marble slab creamier in town, but you can bet this spring break week, were hittin' that up!

I'm off to start my chicken chili for dinner. I don't want to be late watching the finale of Jon and Kate tonight! I even googled the preview that I heard the other night while have asleep. I knew Jon said something along the terms of we aren't doing good. I was devastated! Me and my sister have been talking about this for weeks ever since she broke the news to me about all the rumors they are breaking up. Silly to be so concerned over a TV couple, but these are real people and real life. It almost makes me mad to know what reality TV has become. I am a die hard reality TV fan I have to admit, but its sad to know that these people have to live everyday with cameras in their face, and the outcome isn't always pretty.


Heather said...

I am totally wanting to go try the new Marble Slab this week, too, so maybe we will see you!
That pic of the girls playing Barbies is adorable! (They all are, but that one is like OH!) Congrats on Rhea Lana's- that is AWESOME!
And please, please, please tell me about the bow store on ETSY....I am trying to get ready for my own little bow-head!!! (Avery Kate will be in a bow at all times! ha!)You can e-mail me at
Hope you guys have a great week!

Angie Seaman said...

Hey girl. The new spring designs will be introduced while we are away on Spring Break (April 2nd thru 12th) or just as soon as I return. I had planned to list them now but I'm going to wait and take the product shots of them while at the beach on our trip. Therefore, give me another week to two weeks and you'll see them fo' sho'! Thanks for asking either way. Blessing gur-fren...
Angie Seaman