Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Missing phone......what do I do?

Today I commented that not much has been going on, and I didn't have much to blog about. A few minor things but nothing really great or fanastic pictures to post. I did want to upload a video of Kennedy talking (well cooing) to us, but now I'm in total shock. Why????????????

Well because after American Idol was over and I went to grab my cell phone to text in my vote. Which would have been for Lil Rounds!! Go Lil! I realized I couldn't find my phone anywhere. Cabe thought I was freaking out because phone lines were only open for an hour, but NO it was because in my purse was everything under the sun, EXCEPT my IPHONE!!!

I am now in a state of sadness. I don't really want to spend the money on a new phone right now, especially an IPhone, but I'm gonna have to have a cell phone. I know that it isn't a necessity but, in a way it is. For emergencies I must have it, with kids you need it because you never know what is going to happen. So now I'm just in an upset state over the whole thing. I called Ryan's, where we ate, and the last place I had my phone, and they said no one has brought them a phone. I have called it numerous times and it just goes straight into voicemail. I am trying to believe someone didn't take it and not report they had found it. I am trying so hard to believe that people still have good character and we due unto others as we want done for ourselves, but I'm just having a struggle at this point believing that. Ironic thing is that Cabe lost his IPhone this summer while we were on vacation. He left it in the restroom of a gas station in Mobile, Alabama. About thirty minutes down the road, someone calls my phone and says he has found this phone and my number was on there several times, do I know the person? I'm like yeah that's my husbands phone and we hadn't even realized it was missing. What a great man to call and get it back to us. He had called several people on Cabe's phone trying to get in touch with us, and finally did. He even shipped it FedEx to our hotel. What an amazing man!! He wouldn't let us repay him, he just said to pay it forward. That really stuck out to me, I was so glad of that experience it showed me so many things, in so many ways. Now it is me that has lost the phone, in my own town, and no one has seen it. I'm praying for that call tomorrow, I know it can still happen and I can get my phone back.

My post is really scrambled tonight, I know, but my mind isn't working at full speed right now. Excuse the horrible run-on sentences! Tomorrow I hope to post the video of Kennedy. She has been such a little character today. It has really been the first day that I would say she started cooing and playing with us. She has tried before, but all day she was talking to us and kicking those little legs with excitement! Oh the fun is just beginning!! My baby is already growing up :(

I called my phone so many times last night, crazy thing, the people kept turning it back on!!! They even answered it a few times!! Stupid! So now my suspicion was conformed and I'm just really hacked. I gave them a does of their own medicine, every time I was awake last night I would call it. ALL through the night, evil I know! I checked my statement on line and they have been using it. I called AT&T first thing this morning and shut off my phone. Since it is an IPhone they can't use it anymore anyways. They would have to go online to re-setup the account and it would show it was a new phone, so they would have to buy it. Ha! That's what you get for being dishonest, it is of no good!!! I'm starting the day trying to let that knowledge be the laughter at the end of the tunnel. I'm phone less, but so are they! Now we have to see what happens with getting a new phone.

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