Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stellan on the brain

I have been so consumed by updates on Stellan. If you haven't been reading MckMama's blog you should click over there and read about her amazing little warrior. Stellan has SVT which he had in utero and they told MckMama he would not live. Well MckMuffin was born a happy healthy little prince and now at 5 months is back in SVT. He is fighting so hard and is so tired, as is momma.

Please pray for this family. Stellan's story as with others have brought so many to Christ. It is amazing and another reason I am way too addicted to blogging. It is so neat to hear peoples stories and share in their times of needed prayer where you probably would of never known of them had it not of been for this amazing circle of blogging community. And when I say circle, it is so funny how you read one persons blog and then realize the read one you do, or are friends with the same people you know.

Small world.... but so so awesome that I can the opportunity to pray for this little man through it all.

MckMuffin has a special place in my heart, maybe because him and Kennedy are around the same age, or maybe because his baby pics remind me of my little man. Either way. What a warrior!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Soffos Tattoo Parlor

Miami Ink called they want me back!!

This is what we do on a very cold wet day in March. Today the temperature outside is 40!?! I mean do we have some weird weather or what.

I had softball practice this morning, but the fields were too wet so we just met at Starbucks. Cabe's practice wasn't cancelled so while he was at his practice this is what we did. I have to say I think I have a new found love with Kensley's tattoo pens! She even gave me tattoos. Notice that is plural. What was suppose to be one little drawing turned into a mural down my leg. I even have her signature on my leg! Haha!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kennedy is 4 months

I don't have a picture from today, but if I did Baby K would look sad in it. She has her first ear infection. She has seemed kinda groggy the past few days and started running a fever last night, so today I took her to the doctor.

She seemed to have the whole seasonal allergy junk everyone has. All weekend I was chewing cough drops and carrying Kleenex everywhere. Not to mention the pounding headache that goes along with it all. I knew if Kennedy's head felt like mine she was feeling awful.

After shopping Tuesday afternoon with my mom and Kennedy sleeping through all of it. I mean ALL day! She ate twice, I knew she wasn't feeling good. Today the nurse practitioner saw her and said her ear was red but she didn't have a full blown infection, but by next week I would be in there with her ears swollen. They gave her a round of antibiotics, so hopefully she will be back to her normal happy self soon.

Little one weighed in at 12 lbs. 10 oz.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not just milk anymore

Baby K got her first bite of food today. After several rounds of reasoning with Cabe why she shouldn't eat today, I finally just gave in. I ordered her a highchair which came in today at Wal-Mart, but it was pouring down rain all afternoon so we didn't get out to pick it up. I am just weird about things like first bottles, first food, first night in crib....you get the point. Well I just didn't want her eating any baby food until she was exactly four months old and also with her highchair. You know I have to have pictures, so I wanted it really memorable.
Well she had her first bite today, and I survived without the highchair and a day short of four months.
It was tough, but daddy was so very persistent about him wanting to feed her.

They are so precious after they eat!!!

Proud Daddy and the banana baby!

She really enjoyed her bananas I think, and she did a great job eating on her first try. I got tons of pictures and filmed the whole thing. We all traded off feeding her, and the kids had to try out the bananas too! They have to experience everything we do with her, but thats okay I don't want them left out and they feel really special helping with Kennedy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

So much to catch up on

Look what sweetpea has grown so much!?! Can you hear the emotion in my voice. Yes as I look through pictures today I'm emotional. Time goes by so fast and you just has to seize every moment. (Also as a side note on emotions, as we were going to bed last night, with Kensley and Klay in between us, and Baby K beside me in the co-sleeper. Cabe said I think we made a mistake having the vasectomy done so soon. Oh that hit my heart hard!) Its all good, God has his plans!

This is just a little of what has been going on in our lives since I haven't blogged in a week.

I took a break because my house was screaming to get some spring cleaning and organizing done. I had Rhea Lana, it is a huge consignment sale in our town, so clothes had to be priced and dropped off. That is such a huge task, but is so worth it. I had $740.00 off all the items I consigned!! Yay!! That is always a huge help when it comes time to buy the kids new clothes for the upcoming seasons. I meant to take a picture of all my stuff loaded in the car, but forgot. My car was loaded down!

Kennedy rolled over for her first time Sunday night March 15. I told Cabe it wasn't a true roll over because he was laying beside her and he helped assist her. But little miss was rolling like crazy on her play mat Monday, so I guess it was all on her own.
She was so proud of herself! She would flip over then get really excited and kick her legs fast. Too cute!

Klayton and I made pretzels from the kit his Aunt Ninny got him for his birthday Tuesday. It was such a perfect day. Kennedy pretty much sat and watched us play all day, and Klay so just so awesome. Its always good to have one of those days when things have been a little rocky.

Look at the girls playing Barbies! Isn't that the most precious picture? I mean can you tell I'm partial to these kids in this post or what. I'm just adoring all the sweet pictures of my babies.
Kensley had barbies in front of Kennedy the other day and she seemed so interested, so I agreed that Kensley could let her play with them if she took off all their tiny choking hazards. Kennedy sat there amazed for about an hour, staring at Kensley telling her all about the dolls.

Baby K sporting her big bow while we ate last Sunday at lunch. Mexican, what is better!! Yum! I have gotten some new bows in that I ordered for her and I have been so pleased with them. I found a girl on Etsy that makes the most precious bows, for such a reasonable price. I'm determined to make Kennedy like bows in her hair. Cabe hated them on Kensley so I think that is why she likes her hair down now. Not having it with my last little girl!

Alright, well that is just some of what has been going on this past week or so. I don't have pictures of Kensley at preschool on St. Patrick's Day with her cookies but she was so excited when Klayton and I showed up with green sprinkle cookies for the class. She has this thing for St. Patrick's Day! It is included in her list of favorite holidays, and we aren't even Irish, go figure. Also last night we celebrated my sister Kristy's 34th birthday! Happy Birthday sis!! I was under the weather all weekend with the seasonal allergy stuff, so I forgot to bring along the camera and take pictures. My dad grilled out burgers and we had a marble slab cake. I was so stuffed! We haven't been to the new marble slab creamier in town, but you can bet this spring break week, were hittin' that up!

I'm off to start my chicken chili for dinner. I don't want to be late watching the finale of Jon and Kate tonight! I even googled the preview that I heard the other night while have asleep. I knew Jon said something along the terms of we aren't doing good. I was devastated! Me and my sister have been talking about this for weeks ever since she broke the news to me about all the rumors they are breaking up. Silly to be so concerned over a TV couple, but these are real people and real life. It almost makes me mad to know what reality TV has become. I am a die hard reality TV fan I have to admit, but its sad to know that these people have to live everyday with cameras in their face, and the outcome isn't always pretty.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today was a nice sunny day so we decided to play outside. The kids have been so anxious to play outside because it seems like ages since they have had a nice day were they could just run. It was a little windy, but just warm enough that Kennedy could also come out and play. She hasn't gotten to spend much time outside since she was born, so it is all new to her. She just loves me to walk her around and show her new things.

I put up her swing she got for Christmas, and she really enjoyed it! She kept blinking a lot though, and it was really funny.

Sissy was so excited to push Kennedy and Klay in the swings.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Not the actual picture of my arrangement, but it was just like this. We dug into that thing as soon as I got home, I didn't have a chance to get a picture of how lovely it was. Hubby is too good to me!! Seriously, I lose my phone and he cheers me up with the most awesome arrangement. Our family is obsessed with these! If you haven't had one, you need to try it, SO good!!

Need I say anything??? I mean really did they feel the show needed her drama back!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Missing phone......what do I do?

Today I commented that not much has been going on, and I didn't have much to blog about. A few minor things but nothing really great or fanastic pictures to post. I did want to upload a video of Kennedy talking (well cooing) to us, but now I'm in total shock. Why????????????

Well because after American Idol was over and I went to grab my cell phone to text in my vote. Which would have been for Lil Rounds!! Go Lil! I realized I couldn't find my phone anywhere. Cabe thought I was freaking out because phone lines were only open for an hour, but NO it was because in my purse was everything under the sun, EXCEPT my IPHONE!!!

I am now in a state of sadness. I don't really want to spend the money on a new phone right now, especially an IPhone, but I'm gonna have to have a cell phone. I know that it isn't a necessity but, in a way it is. For emergencies I must have it, with kids you need it because you never know what is going to happen. So now I'm just in an upset state over the whole thing. I called Ryan's, where we ate, and the last place I had my phone, and they said no one has brought them a phone. I have called it numerous times and it just goes straight into voicemail. I am trying to believe someone didn't take it and not report they had found it. I am trying so hard to believe that people still have good character and we due unto others as we want done for ourselves, but I'm just having a struggle at this point believing that. Ironic thing is that Cabe lost his IPhone this summer while we were on vacation. He left it in the restroom of a gas station in Mobile, Alabama. About thirty minutes down the road, someone calls my phone and says he has found this phone and my number was on there several times, do I know the person? I'm like yeah that's my husbands phone and we hadn't even realized it was missing. What a great man to call and get it back to us. He had called several people on Cabe's phone trying to get in touch with us, and finally did. He even shipped it FedEx to our hotel. What an amazing man!! He wouldn't let us repay him, he just said to pay it forward. That really stuck out to me, I was so glad of that experience it showed me so many things, in so many ways. Now it is me that has lost the phone, in my own town, and no one has seen it. I'm praying for that call tomorrow, I know it can still happen and I can get my phone back.

My post is really scrambled tonight, I know, but my mind isn't working at full speed right now. Excuse the horrible run-on sentences! Tomorrow I hope to post the video of Kennedy. She has been such a little character today. It has really been the first day that I would say she started cooing and playing with us. She has tried before, but all day she was talking to us and kicking those little legs with excitement! Oh the fun is just beginning!! My baby is already growing up :(

I called my phone so many times last night, crazy thing, the people kept turning it back on!!! They even answered it a few times!! Stupid! So now my suspicion was conformed and I'm just really hacked. I gave them a does of their own medicine, every time I was awake last night I would call it. ALL through the night, evil I know! I checked my statement on line and they have been using it. I called AT&T first thing this morning and shut off my phone. Since it is an IPhone they can't use it anymore anyways. They would have to go online to re-setup the account and it would show it was a new phone, so they would have to buy it. Ha! That's what you get for being dishonest, it is of no good!!! I'm starting the day trying to let that knowledge be the laughter at the end of the tunnel. I'm phone less, but so are they! Now we have to see what happens with getting a new phone.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Not to Wear Sunday

I swore I wouldn't blog this and shame myself but I can laugh at myself now that the day has been done. However there will be no pictures because I don't want to remember the worst outfit in history.

Church mornings are always a little hectic now, because it happens to fall right at the time Kennedy loves her morning nap. So most Sundays she is hysterical while I try to dress her and myself. Then at church I usually end up pacing the hallways because she wants to coo during the sermon. Last night for some reason(actually early morning) Kennedy just couldn't sleep. I later realized it was really bad gas when I changed her diaper. So while I was up with her I decided I would be prepared with a bottle so I could sit in church today. We went back to bed and woke up at a decent time for everyone to get ready for church. This Sunday I had the kids clothes laid out for church. After poor Kensley had to wear an old dress that was too small and tights that didn't fit last week I thought I better make sure they were ready. So the kids were looking cute as could be, and everything fit, so I thought.

Well I go to put on my clothes....like most of the time I am the one that has absolutely nothing to wear. Either because I have had another baby and still trying to get off the weight(that has been there for 5 years) or because my clothes are so outdated my grandma is trendier than I am. I get out a skirt that I have put off wearing for two years now because well, it is just plain ugly. So I put that on with a sweater that is it too big and so shear that my bra looks like I'm wearing some dark color with white. Never! And it is very cold so I have to put on panty hose with the skirt. But what shoes to wear...heels look so bad because the skirt hits at the most horrible length because I have very short stocky legs. I get my bargain flats that I got on sale because I didn't have any black and I needed black. Then I need to cover up this bad see through sweater so I grabbed my black coat that I think they sized wrong. Or either I have terminator arms that are bulging so much from muscles, you can't fit anything on with it.

By now the whole family is in the car except me, and it is 10:05. Cabe has been waiting in the car for a good 15 minutes rushing me. I grab the bags and bottle and head outside. As soon as I rounded the stairs in the garage Cabe looks at me with the funny stunned look. I get in and tell him not the say a word. He just busts out laughing and says, "Go change we will wait." Church starts at 10:15 and it takes a good 15 minutes to get there. I wouldn't of had much to change into even if I did go back inside so I just tell him lets go.

The whole ride to church I'm just frustrated and embarrassed by this horrible outfit that the fashion police would stroke on. Well Klay yells from the back seat that his feet are really hurting. I thought every ones shoes fit this week, but I guess not, one more thing we need to buy added to the list. As we are walking in I am telling Cabe I hope I don't run into alot of people because this outfit needs a huge bag over my whole body. As the door opens on of the greeters who is a fellow mom from Kensley's class says how lovely our family looks that we need a picture. Cabe being the smartelic he is, comments back "I was just saying that same thing!" I wanted to die! I drop the kids off quick and try to sit in the back where the lights are really dim. Low and behold but who do I look up and see? My favorite sales lady at my favorite local dress shop EM. I had gotten a gift certificate for Christmas and she helped me pick out everything since that store is kinda intimidating and I had just had a baby. Little did she now that belly had been there for years and wasn't going anywhere. Also the sweats I had worn in when she helped me pick out my clothes, if only she knew that was my favorite outfit. Luckily she didn't turn around and see me, or she would have wondered what happened the advice she gave me.

Needless to say I couldn't get home fast enough to change today. But on a very good note I got to sit through all of church today and Kennedy slept. Cabe said he was going to call What not to wear on me. Hey I think I would love that! I know my wardrobe needs some help and who wouldn't love a $5000 shopping spree.

On a side note, I was so happy to eat dinner tonight for free. I used my Quizno's coupons for the free subs I had gotten off of the Frugal Living blog. We got a paper on the way home and clipped coupons after dinner. I am all organized with my coupon holder and list of sale items. I'm ready to hit the grocery store this week and see how much I can save. It really becomes like a fun game!