Friday, February 20, 2009


Today was V-Day and I don't mean Valentines, it was the dreaded vascetomy day. Cabe did so much better than I expected. He was nervous out of his mind when he woke up.

We decided to go to Holly's for lunch, Cabe refered to it as the last supper. It was getting really close to time, so I sent Cabey into EM to spend his birthday certificates to ease his mind. I laughed so hard the other day while driving down the road Cabe started talking about how new shoes and clothes comforted him. Yes very usual for a man, but ever since I have know him he loves to dress in style.

After getting some new jeans the time had come to take the loopy pills. I got in the drivers seat and we were off. I was driving so like it or not we were headed to the doctors office.

Things went well and now we are enjoying a relaxing night of munching on snacks and watching movies. I had my parents come get Kensley and Klay so Cabe could relax.They were really hyper and everytime they ran through the living room Cabe would flinch thinking they were going to bump his chair.

It has been nice here with just us and Kennedy. Usually if we are alone we are out on a date somewhere. The house has been so queit and we even broke out the Ben and Jerry's and ate out of the carton. Things you get to do when kids aren't around!! How fun! My mom would die if she knew.

I'm so proud Cabe went through with it and he did really well. He was even laughing and making jokes with the doctor.

I'm off to get stuff done in my craft room while Cabe rests.

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