Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday sweeties

Isn't Miss Kennedy the cutest!?! She got so much love and kisses at church. Everyone just flipped over her in the hat. She didn't want to sit in church again today. Me and the same mom sat out the kid area with our girls. Both of us decided we are going to have to talk to the church staff about one of the TV's in the foyer featuring the service. We can listen the the whole sermon, but none of the TV's have it on. So for now I'm just a church going speaker listener! Ha!

Tonight we had pizza at my sister Kristy's house. We were really excited to visit with my Granny there. She lives in town, but with everyone being sick and us being busy we haven't seen her in about a month. She held Kennedy most of the night and loved on her.

Kensley clipped coupons with me and my sisters as the Awards played in the background. I wish I could say I saw at least one person win something, but with everyone in one house, not much TV gets watched. I wished I had a picture of Kensley sitting on the couch going through the coupons. She is so funny, I swear she is 30 in a 5 year olds body.She was tossing out coupons of items we don't use, and even handed me over an ad for the most old lady looking bra ever. You know those ones you see in the Sunday ads! Sweet thought, but I hope I still have more style in me than that. Ha!

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Heather said...

Oh, She is GORGEOUS!!!! I love that hat and outfit!!! I didn't know you guys had decided to be done having kids...I know that is emotional. We are done after Avery Kate, too, but I am so sad I can't even really talk about it. I have a peace about not having more and being content with the ones we have....but at the same time when you know it's "final"-- then it's just hard on your heart, I think. Hope Cabe is recovering....and I want to read the Duggar's book, too. I am fascinated by them as well. (Todd agrees with your hubby, though- He thinks they are cheesy!)