Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kris is IN!!!

I am so super excited that our hometown boy Kris Allen made it through!!! Tonight on American Idol, he was chosen as the 5th contestant to make it in the top 12. You have no clue how talented he his! They haven't profiled him much, but he is a great singer. I am so proud to see his confidence coming out. Simon said how last night he kinda came out of his shell, and it seemed he did. I remember hearing him do his first solo at church and he was so nervous. I remember telling Cabe what a good singer he was but he just seemed like a shy guy.

Isn't he just precious!! I think he will go far, because as the judges pointed out, the girls are going to love him. He has a sweet look to him that makes me see him as one of those recording artists that teen girls are in love with.

I don't really have a favorite that is going through next week. I'm now waiting for the wild card show to see who they bring back. I have some favorites that didn't make it like Megan Corkrey and Brent Keith. Who are you hoping to see in the top 12?

I'm so happy for Kris tonight!! I know this has to be such an overwhelming blessing to him.

How about his guy!?! I was laughing so hard at his performance. He does seem to have a good voice but I think he is more of an entertainer. Maybe NBC will pick him up for a new sitcom. I can see him in the next Napoleon Dynamite, can't you?


Heather said...

YAY!!! It is fun to see Kris doing so well! I like Megan, too- Hope she comes back!
Have a good weekend!

Angie Seaman said...

Oh my gosh girl...I love Kris. He reminds me of a younger version of Nick Lachey. I am rooting for him, Adam, and Allison. They are my three top picks.

Also, thanks for signing the blog this morning. I am so behind lately that I've been horrible about my blog roll and getting around to say hey to each of you on your own blogs. Hope all is going well. Enjoy your Thursday and have a superb weekend.

Big hugs, Angie