Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kennedy is 3 Months

Kennedy had her three month birthday today!! My little baby is already growing up so much. She has let me baby her more than the other kids. I know that sounds crazy, because like she has a clue of anything she does. But seriously I think she knows she is the baby and she just milks it. I have held her as much as possible since she was born, and she still lets me swaddle her every night. Two things I love about newborns! I know how everyone comes up to you when you are pregnant and says "hold that baby while you can they grow up way to fast". I held my other kids probably as much as Kennedy, but I think every time I sit down with her I kiss her head and say "I love you and thank God you are here". One day when she is 3 yrs and not 3 months hopefully I can remember just what is was like to sit down and whisper stories in her little baby ears.

Kennedy's Favorite Things:
-Being swaddled. She cannot fall asleep unless she is in her special blanket wrapped up tight.
-Smiling. She is so bubbly! I can already tell she has such a laid back playful spirit.
-Pat-A-Cake. This game always makes her happy.
-Watching her brother and sister play. I think she will play really well with them. I can already picture her crawling after them.
-Mommy. I hate to brag a little, but she is a Mommy's girl. Okay so I love saying that! She definitely knows when momma is around and she makes sure I pay her attention.

Her and Daddy were having big talks about her three month birthday!

All the play wore her out

We had to celebrate with some special treats! My cookies never turn out, these were best I could get. Don't laugh! I have tried my aunt's recipe for years, and I'm just convinced she has some special ingredient she puts in there. Her cookies are the absolute best! I make myself sick every holiday at my granny's. The kids love it when we make these because they get so messy. It is fun, but my kitchen is one big disaster.

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Heather said...

When my "faith baby" girl gets here....I am going to do NOTHING but hold her!!!! Seriously....Todd will be home for the Summer and he can handle everything else!!!