Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm celebrating with all my sweeties today, and even my little K on her first V-Day. The kiddos and myself have enjoyed way too much chocolate and candy. I'm pretty sure Klay has had way too much since he is standing up in front of the fireplace butt naked with his airplane lollipop he got for Valentine's day cooling his little man off! Ha,ha! I'm serious, he is saying its hot and fanning himself. Sad thing is I don't know if its just regular Klay or the sugar talking. Hard to tell!

The kids loved playing with their cards. Klayton got a talking card from his Nana and Pop that he just adored. Kensley thought is was cool but you could tell she was a little upset she hadn't gotten one that talked. So Daddy and Klay had to get her the ultimate card. Hannah Montana that sings and plays a message from mommy and daddy. In her eyes that is the greatest thing on earth! Don't you just love the simple things in life!

I myself was quite excited to get my gifts too, even though I knew what they were. It may be too much information but last week all my bras went on the outs. I'm not kidding you! I woke up with the worst pinching pain in my side. It was my under wire cutting me to pieces. So I went to the closet to get another, what would you know but it too woke me up the next morning digging in my side. So after going through another two bras and figuring out they too had the wire coming out, I thought it was time for some new ones. Cabe ordered more of my favorites from VS, and I had to tease him because at Christmas time he had gone into the very uncomfortable store with both kids and asked the lady if they sold nursing bras. I about fell out of my chair when he was re-telling me the story! But low and behold when I got on the website to order some new ones, Victoria Secret now carries nursing bras. Cabe thinks its all because of him! Too funny!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you all enjoy the ones you love in your life, and give them lots of hugs today!

Cabe and I are off to a nice dinner at Cajuns Wharf
Hugs and Kisses to all my family! Love you all!!

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Heather said...

Hope you guys had a great dinner...I feel you on the bras..I had one do that to me not too long ago and OUCH! I can't wait to see a pic of your new baby girl!