Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally POTTY TRAINED!!!! Yahoo!!

This was Klay signing his name on the potty chart on the 13th of January. He is fully potty trained now!! I am praising the Lord for that!!!! I would like to say I knew what got him potty trained but honestly I have no clue. It was just his time. We tried ever trick in the books, and even bribed the kid with toys and money. We have worked for over a year now, but I am glad to say he has been in nothing but undies for two weeks.

He has wet the bed three nights, so yesterday while at Wal-Mart I thought I would pick up some big boy night time pants. He cried and threw a fit in the middle of the aisle saying not to laugh at him, he was a big boy. Poor dear, I couldn't make him think he was a baby by going back to the diapers at night, so I'm just layering up mattress pads and hoping for the best. Also if you have ever seen the Good Night underpants for boys, they are just SAD!! They go up to 110 lbs. people and you would think since they are suppose to look like boxers for big kids they would be a diaper. But I'm telling you I couldn't bring myself to put Klay in those. Poor dears who have to wear them, the commercial shows big kids wearing them at sleepovers. That is just wrong!! Those kids would definitely be noticed with those bulky things on.

I am so very proud of Klay!! He has done it this time all on his own. He now tells us he needs to go and just takes himself. Even while at Wal-Mart yesterday he told me he needed to go. That within itself is a whole other post.

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