Monday, February 23, 2009

Duggars 20 and counting, Soffos 5 and um NO!

All weekend I was on the hunt for the Duggar Family Book: 20 and Counting. I love their show, and they are from my state so I feel I relate even more. No I don't have 18 kids, nor will I ever, but I believe in alot of their same family and religious values.

I found the book this afternoon and started reading it tonight. I have to say I was a little emotional as I started reading it. We are now officially done with having our own biological children, as of Friday. Going into it Cabe kept asking if I was okay with this. We knew it was best for our family, but we do have a love for children. Having 3 kids under 5 isn't an easy task by any means, but it is true blessings from God. Friday night as I was on the Duggar's website I saw some verses that really made me said in the fact that we had decided on no more children. I cried a little and then as I prayed I told Cabe how I never know what God has in store. I love listening to adoption stories and testimonies, this my be one of those steps on the path of God's plan.

I always love the kids a little more as they are quietly tucked in their beds sleeping like angels! Ha,ha!! I forget the reality of the crazy day, I just see my blessings. I think for now I'm pretty content with reading about an extremely large family and not having one. I do hope to gain some new information from their book.

1. They share how to be debt free. Plus, for that one!! (Don't know how they raise that many in today's society.)
2. Some great scripture on child rearing and family.
3. Frugal recipes and tips! Another plus!
4. Some homeschooling resources and scheduling.
5. I just am fascinated by them. Cabe thinks they are a little corny, but I find them interesting. They life a simple life, well as simple as it can be with 18 kids.

For sanity sake, the kids were put in bed early tonight, and I refreshed my mind by reading some stories of other people how have more madness than I do. I'll let the pictures tell it all.

Guilt written all over that face!

Lighting McQueen had some explaining to do.

The water had been let out some, can you see the stopper is pulled up. The floor was soaked, and they had toilet paper torn into a million pieces trying to mop up the overflowing sink. Why not a towel? I don't understand child logic, or if there was any!

This is the stack of bathroom cups that had to be thrown away. Those will be stored on a top shelf for a while.


The Rogers said...

The Duggars live about 5 miles from us so I see places that I travel by everyday when I watch their show. We thimk we are finished also, but I just can't be at peace with it yet. Good luck. maybe we should try to get the kids together this spring.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

For the woman who lives 5 miles from the Duggars do you ever see them? I hear they have a church in their home. If you wanted to could you attend their church and get to know them better?

The Rogers said...

I see her with a few of the girls randomly but have never seen all of them My husband has becasue he works for a local TV station. I have never heard that about the church. I thimk that is untrue. I have seen her at the hospital visiting a patient and the patient said that they went to church together.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

They have said on previous shows that they have a church home. What I think may be untrue is that they get a tax write off. I think they have that industrial kitchen for the church. Maybe they do not have it in their home any more. But on one of their old shows they showed all the people in the church in their home. I think they even had home church before the moved in this big house. Maybe you can call her and see if they have a home church and find out which times, it would be a good way to get to know them.