Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on all the sickness

Today I went back for my follow up appointment with the urologist. I had indeed lost the strings to my stint. One more happy thing on my lucky spree! Ha! So after the x-rays confirmed I did still have my stint. Which I knew I did, because you can't miss that feeling of pain for anything. The doctor took the stint out with a scope. Not my favorite thing ever. I swear I'll be in depends before I'm thirty! Ha! (And yes this blog is in no means censored, just sharing our everything life. The good, the bad, and the ugly)

Also I didn't hear the best news about my stone on the right kidney. I do still have the majority of the stone in my kidney after the first lithotripsy. So that means more surgery. But after talking to the doctor about all that is going on right now, he decide to postpone it for a while. He gave me the option and I thought waiting was the best also. I am to see him back in three months to see if the stone has passed or gotten any larger. If it has not then I will have the surgery again. With all Kennedy has been through from switching back and forth from nursing and formula, not having her mommy, and then getting RSV. I think she needs to be completely well and have some more milk stored up before I have surgery again.

We took Kennedy back to the doctor today, to follow up from the ER the other night. Her oxygen levels are great, so she doesn't need to be hospitalized right now. She has lost some weight, but if I can't just get her to keep eating hopefully she won't get dehydrated. We got encouragement though that maybe she has seen her worst and she won't need to go to the hospital to be monitored.

I'm still praying for her complete healing and that she can get back to her happy little self. She did play a game of patty cake with Daddy tonight, I couldn't capture her smiles, but she was cheesing so big.

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