Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pray for Harper

This sweet blogger friend I follow just had her first child on Friday. She has been the most excited pregnant person I've ever seen, and more deserving to be a mother than anyone I know. She is such a woman of faith and inspiration. She had a great pregnancy, but went over and was induced on Friday. Labor started out well, then Kelly lost a lot of blood and Harper was born in very critical condition. Please lift this family up in your prayers! She has a band all over this nation that is praying for her. I have been truly amazed to see what response to prayers and what miracles are being performed. She updates frequently on Harper, as of now her vitals are stable, but her heart and lungs are still very critical.

This family needs to have a blanket of prayers over them right now. I can't wait to see little Harper get to come home from the hospital and I know Kelly will be so excited to just touch her little girl.

I cried the other night over the emotional video Angie Smith had posted, I was just asking why things happen to such good people. I then thought of some of the most wonderful women I know that are waiting for things in their lives. Waiting for husbands or babies, and Kelly has waited and now little Harper is hurting. Satan really tries to test your faith, and it is women like her that amaze me. She can wait, and still praise the Lord. She hurts for Harper, and she still praises the Lord. I pray to the Lord that my faith may be that strong shall I ever be faced with such hurt. He has blessed me beyond measure with my children. I never had a problem having my babies, and each one has been born the picture of health. I don't seem worthy to receive such blessings, but I do kneel on my knees thanking God for these blessings!!

I will say a special prayer tonight for the Stamp family and all the other mothers tonight who cannot hold their newborn baby. I saw my sister go through a very similar situation and it just didn't seem fair. She waited and then had my nephew, and he was rushed to Children's not breathing. Today he is a precious two year old who absolutely loves Thomas and couldn't be healthier. I know there are miracles!!