Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The mom song

One of my fav bloggers had this up this morning! I thought it was so funny, and true! Loved the part about don't cry or I'll give you something to cry about. That's my moms line! My sisters and I know that one all too well growing up! Luv ya momma!

Also I thought this was fitting since we were oh so behind this morning. Kensley got to so at around oh nine....yeah bad mommy, all my fault. I kinda fell back asleep at 6, since I had just laid down from being up with Kennedy. She had a couple of bad choking spells last night so I was up suctioning, and worrying like crazy. All those mom things! I told Cabe just the other night that I swear I think I have only slept an hours worth in the five years I have been raising my kids.

Can't God put somewhere in that fine print that mothers days are 72hrs. long. I'm still hoping for that one! ha,ha!


The Rogers said...

That is so true and funny. I see my mother coming out in me more and more. Scary!! I hope you all are doing better and you are in my prayers. Becca

Heather said...

I love that mom song!! Katy- I am just now getting caught up on your posts and am so sorry you have had such a bad time lately. Please know that I will put you and your sweet family in my prayers! Kennedy is precious-just like your other two!!- Congrats!