Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pray for Kennedy

Hey all! I know it has been way to long since a blog update. I have the pictures and alot of the posts half done. I promise to share sweet Kennedy's newborn shots and all the fun Christmas pics soon.

I am just posting to ask for pray for our sweet little one! We have had so much going on lately and it just really feels like the devil is trying to pull us down. I am staying optimistic and praying constantly that our family recovers soon. Last Thursday(1/8) I had emergency kidney surgery, the kids both got pneumonia, we had a trip back to the ER because I had an allergic reaction. And last night after several trips to the doctor this week we had to rush Kennedy to the ER.

After my horrible suspicions all week, she was indeed diagnosed with RSV. I am scared to death, and we are just needing alot of prayer right now. Klayton was hospitalized as an infant with very bad RSV, and to the day has damaged to his lungs is a very bad asthmatic. I am praying that Kennedy is healed and the Lord just heals all our sicknesses right now.

Much prayer is needed and appreciated. I will update later.

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LeeAnn said...

Dear Lord,
Place your healing hand on Kennedy Soffos and protect her and heal her. Amen
We love you all and I hope things get better real soon. Wish I could be there to help. You are in my thoughts and prayers.