Monday, January 26, 2009

Give me your Eyes

I had a rough day this afternoon with the kids. As the day progressed their behavior started going downhill. I could tell we were soon in for some serious acting out, bad behavior. I was in the middle of one of those moments that I just wanted to curl up and cry, asking how does it get this out of hand.

As soon as I walked in the door, with arms fully loaded. Kennedy is bawling her eyes out ready to eat. Molly has just gotten home from the groomer and needs to be taken out to potty really bad. Kensley and Klayton have germy hands all over Kennedy, with wet muddy shoes on in the house. As I'm taking Molly out quickly to potty, a neighbor stops and tells me that Jet is in our trash and has it all over the driveway. So I suit up with gloves, go outside clean up trash. Come in to find Molly has pooped and peed. Clean up Molly. Finally wash up hands, grab Kennedy and feed her. Change Kennedy. Doorbell rings. Klayton just opens the door with me in the other room.

Okay so you get that things were all happening at once and I was just laughing inside thinking I'm running a circus. Really I wanted to cry inside.

So who was at the door? It was a dear sweet friend of ours from church bringing a gift over for Kennedy. Ms. KC is so so sweet! She runs our children's ministries at church and also is one of the teachers at Kensley's preschool. Well the kids just kept the act of the circus going to whole time she was here. I cried when she left. I had to just go in the other room and cry. Then I composed myself and realized I'm the mother, get yourself together and take hold of the situation. But that was just it I felt that the kids had gotten so out of control I had no clue where to start. I just quietly prayed in my room. I don't want to feel like I have failed as a parent, but sometimes when the kids get so disrespectful and out of control I feel it can only be I've not done my job.

So now I am looking for the in site in different scriptures. After praying and trying to figure out different options, I decided to order a book I've heard good reviews on. It is Dr. Leman's Have a New Kid by Friday. I can't wait to get it in and read. I am not forgetting though to just stay positive and look through his eyes. My children are my life, I cherish them so deeply and I pray over them constantly for the best life. I going to try and tuck into bed early tonight, stay warm, and study all the verses I can get my hands on about raising up children.

I love a good book, and a new devotional. I looked around on Lifeway's site and found some really good books I hope to be studying soon. But for now, this is a priority of mine. Tomorrow I will be watching Fireproof hopefully, if the ice storm doesn't have other plans! I have waited so long to see this!!! It came out on my birthday and Cabe and I never got to see it. I have given him such grief over not talking me out for a date night to see this. Tomorrow I will rent it, maybe buy it, and we will do our own little date night at home with pizza.

Stay warm and don't forget to look through his eyes!!

P.S. When I came out of the room from having my little cry, I came out to pee on the floor from Molly! I wanted to go back in to cry more! Ha!


The Kahler Family said...

I saw your comment, thanks. It seems like my day was nothing compared to yours!
New Kid by Friday is a good book. Leman actually spoke at our church a couple of months ago and he was fantastic! The link to my church is on my blog and they have video archives of the messages... enter site, messages and media down on the left a bit, May 18 is the date of his visit. It may fall off so if you're interested, watch it soon!
Here's to hoping for a better day tomorrow!

The Kahler Family said...

By the way, he spoke specifically of the book and some of the guidelines of it!