Saturday, November 8, 2008

Carnival games, Ponies, Cake, and more..

Today we celebrated both of the kids birthday with a carnival party! Kensley had seen a themed party like this on Jon and Kate Plus 8 and that what she has been asking months for. The kids have been so excited to know they had ponies coming to their party. I have said before but I like to really celebrate their birthdays because it is such a big day for them, and us too as parents. Last year we went to Disney World during their birthdays so they didn't have a party. Even though Disney was the best trip ever, I missed not giving them a party. Ever since Kensley's first birthday party, the girl has gotten super excited when it gets time to plan her day. She just likes having all her friends to play with! Klayton just loves the idea of birthdays and getting to blow out the candles. Last year I think we re-lite the candles atleast ten times for him. I have planned for a while exactly what we were going to do at the party, and I have to say it turned out great! Every loved the pony rides, and they loved having the games to win prizes.

My little stud posing with his 3 shirt! He thought it was super cool that I put Klaybo on the back for him. He would show off and hold up his fingers and say I'm three now.

Ninny came early to help setup the cakes she made! She has to be one of the most talented people I know. She makes the kids cakes each birthday, and I couldn't be more happy with them. My cakes are a sad sit not fit to pull out in public! After so many people asking her to make cakes for wedding and such, she has finally decided to have a website and do cakes on the side. I can't wait to post her website when it is all done. Everything Ninny does is cool, so I know it will just be over the top.

The backyard had different carnival booths setup that we made. Each child would play the games to win prizes for their goodie bags. We played coke toss, Go Fish, and face painting.

The boys all decided they wanted football tattoos.

Kensley and Scarlett had so much fun running around and playing. Kensley loves when she gets to see her and then the whole next week she walks around the house talking about her best friend Scarlett.

Klaybo on Chester the pony!

I had to share a picture of the line waiting to ride the ponies. Once the ponies arrived the kids stayed their no stop waiting their turn! I'm glad it turned out to be such a big hit.

The awesome My Little Pony and Curious George cakes my sister made for the kiddos! Isn't she so talented?

Sarah could not wait for Lily to ride the pony. She was already planning to buy her a horse if she took well to it.Ha, ha! It was precious to see Lily on the pony with her little Cowgirl hat!

I truly think this is the only picture I've gotten of myself pregnant.

The kids had the best time and are now sound asleep! We are all worn out and now I can finally relax since the party is over with. I plan on relaxing these next two weeks and taking it as easy as possible. I'm just glad little one didn't decide to make her apperance today! I'd like to keep her in their and spread her birthday out a little further than Kensley and Klay's! Ha!

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