Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YouTube Tuesday

This is from the grand opening of our church at the GLR campus. Bad quality because it was taken with phone, but so awesome. We have so much talent its crazy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Give me your Eyes

I had a rough day this afternoon with the kids. As the day progressed their behavior started going downhill. I could tell we were soon in for some serious acting out, bad behavior. I was in the middle of one of those moments that I just wanted to curl up and cry, asking how does it get this out of hand.

As soon as I walked in the door, with arms fully loaded. Kennedy is bawling her eyes out ready to eat. Molly has just gotten home from the groomer and needs to be taken out to potty really bad. Kensley and Klayton have germy hands all over Kennedy, with wet muddy shoes on in the house. As I'm taking Molly out quickly to potty, a neighbor stops and tells me that Jet is in our trash and has it all over the driveway. So I suit up with gloves, go outside clean up trash. Come in to find Molly has pooped and peed. Clean up Molly. Finally wash up hands, grab Kennedy and feed her. Change Kennedy. Doorbell rings. Klayton just opens the door with me in the other room.

Okay so you get that things were all happening at once and I was just laughing inside thinking I'm running a circus. Really I wanted to cry inside.

So who was at the door? It was a dear sweet friend of ours from church bringing a gift over for Kennedy. Ms. KC is so so sweet! She runs our children's ministries at church and also is one of the teachers at Kensley's preschool. Well the kids just kept the act of the circus going to whole time she was here. I cried when she left. I had to just go in the other room and cry. Then I composed myself and realized I'm the mother, get yourself together and take hold of the situation. But that was just it I felt that the kids had gotten so out of control I had no clue where to start. I just quietly prayed in my room. I don't want to feel like I have failed as a parent, but sometimes when the kids get so disrespectful and out of control I feel it can only be I've not done my job.

So now I am looking for the in site in different scriptures. After praying and trying to figure out different options, I decided to order a book I've heard good reviews on. It is Dr. Leman's Have a New Kid by Friday. I can't wait to get it in and read. I am not forgetting though to just stay positive and look through his eyes. My children are my life, I cherish them so deeply and I pray over them constantly for the best life. I going to try and tuck into bed early tonight, stay warm, and study all the verses I can get my hands on about raising up children.

I love a good book, and a new devotional. I looked around on Lifeway's site and found some really good books I hope to be studying soon. But for now, this is a priority of mine. Tomorrow I will be watching Fireproof hopefully, if the ice storm doesn't have other plans! I have waited so long to see this!!! It came out on my birthday and Cabe and I never got to see it. I have given him such grief over not talking me out for a date night to see this. Tomorrow I will rent it, maybe buy it, and we will do our own little date night at home with pizza.

Stay warm and don't forget to look through his eyes!!

P.S. When I came out of the room from having my little cry, I came out to pee on the floor from Molly! I wanted to go back in to cry more! Ha!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YouTube Tuesday

Loved this commercial! Cabe even laughed at it, sad thing is I was thinking about how I had seen him pull out some dance moves with Kensley

The mom song

One of my fav bloggers had this up this morning! I thought it was so funny, and true! Loved the part about don't cry or I'll give you something to cry about. That's my moms line! My sisters and I know that one all too well growing up! Luv ya momma!

Also I thought this was fitting since we were oh so behind this morning. Kensley got to so at around oh nine....yeah bad mommy, all my fault. I kinda fell back asleep at 6, since I had just laid down from being up with Kennedy. She had a couple of bad choking spells last night so I was up suctioning, and worrying like crazy. All those mom things! I told Cabe just the other night that I swear I think I have only slept an hours worth in the five years I have been raising my kids.

Can't God put somewhere in that fine print that mothers days are 72hrs. long. I'm still hoping for that one! ha,ha!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on all the sickness

Today I went back for my follow up appointment with the urologist. I had indeed lost the strings to my stint. One more happy thing on my lucky spree! Ha! So after the x-rays confirmed I did still have my stint. Which I knew I did, because you can't miss that feeling of pain for anything. The doctor took the stint out with a scope. Not my favorite thing ever. I swear I'll be in depends before I'm thirty! Ha! (And yes this blog is in no means censored, just sharing our everything life. The good, the bad, and the ugly)

Also I didn't hear the best news about my stone on the right kidney. I do still have the majority of the stone in my kidney after the first lithotripsy. So that means more surgery. But after talking to the doctor about all that is going on right now, he decide to postpone it for a while. He gave me the option and I thought waiting was the best also. I am to see him back in three months to see if the stone has passed or gotten any larger. If it has not then I will have the surgery again. With all Kennedy has been through from switching back and forth from nursing and formula, not having her mommy, and then getting RSV. I think she needs to be completely well and have some more milk stored up before I have surgery again.

We took Kennedy back to the doctor today, to follow up from the ER the other night. Her oxygen levels are great, so she doesn't need to be hospitalized right now. She has lost some weight, but if I can't just get her to keep eating hopefully she won't get dehydrated. We got encouragement though that maybe she has seen her worst and she won't need to go to the hospital to be monitored.

I'm still praying for her complete healing and that she can get back to her happy little self. She did play a game of patty cake with Daddy tonight, I couldn't capture her smiles, but she was cheesing so big.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pray for Harper

This sweet blogger friend I follow just had her first child on Friday. She has been the most excited pregnant person I've ever seen, and more deserving to be a mother than anyone I know. She is such a woman of faith and inspiration. She had a great pregnancy, but went over and was induced on Friday. Labor started out well, then Kelly lost a lot of blood and Harper was born in very critical condition. Please lift this family up in your prayers! She has a band all over this nation that is praying for her. I have been truly amazed to see what response to prayers and what miracles are being performed. She updates frequently on Harper, as of now her vitals are stable, but her heart and lungs are still very critical.

This family needs to have a blanket of prayers over them right now. I can't wait to see little Harper get to come home from the hospital and I know Kelly will be so excited to just touch her little girl.

I cried the other night over the emotional video Angie Smith had posted, I was just asking why things happen to such good people. I then thought of some of the most wonderful women I know that are waiting for things in their lives. Waiting for husbands or babies, and Kelly has waited and now little Harper is hurting. Satan really tries to test your faith, and it is women like her that amaze me. She can wait, and still praise the Lord. She hurts for Harper, and she still praises the Lord. I pray to the Lord that my faith may be that strong shall I ever be faced with such hurt. He has blessed me beyond measure with my children. I never had a problem having my babies, and each one has been born the picture of health. I don't seem worthy to receive such blessings, but I do kneel on my knees thanking God for these blessings!!

I will say a special prayer tonight for the Stamp family and all the other mothers tonight who cannot hold their newborn baby. I saw my sister go through a very similar situation and it just didn't seem fair. She waited and then had my nephew, and he was rushed to Children's not breathing. Today he is a precious two year old who absolutely loves Thomas and couldn't be healthier. I know there are miracles!!

Pray for Kennedy

Hey all! I know it has been way to long since a blog update. I have the pictures and alot of the posts half done. I promise to share sweet Kennedy's newborn shots and all the fun Christmas pics soon.

I am just posting to ask for pray for our sweet little one! We have had so much going on lately and it just really feels like the devil is trying to pull us down. I am staying optimistic and praying constantly that our family recovers soon. Last Thursday(1/8) I had emergency kidney surgery, the kids both got pneumonia, we had a trip back to the ER because I had an allergic reaction. And last night after several trips to the doctor this week we had to rush Kennedy to the ER.

After my horrible suspicions all week, she was indeed diagnosed with RSV. I am scared to death, and we are just needing alot of prayer right now. Klayton was hospitalized as an infant with very bad RSV, and to the day has damaged to his lungs is a very bad asthmatic. I am praying that Kennedy is healed and the Lord just heals all our sicknesses right now.

Much prayer is needed and appreciated. I will update later.