Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Up late, gifts wrapped

We are now off to bed, we have a very full day tomorrow with stops at every ones. Kennedy and Daddy made the pecan pie for Christmas dinner while I finished wrapping all the presents. Kennedy was wide awake wanting to be held and we had tons to finish up, so Super Dad strapped on the Baby Bjorn and baked a pecan pie! Ha,ha! He has perfected this recipe since trying it out around Thanksgiving.

Pecan Pie is both our favorites so he took two great recipes, combined them, and now we know how to make the best pecan pie ever!! I was in charge of deviled eggs as usual and also green bean bundles. We had been out late with the kids and by the time we got them to bed it was near 11:00, leaving us up til now. But we have all the food ready and every gift wrapped so we are good to go tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas Eve and gets in bed early for Santa!

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