Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Party

Today we had Kensley's Christmas party at preschool. This was a huge step today because 1. It was the first trip running errands with all three kids in tow 2. I had to have 90 cookies baked by the 2:30 party 3. Lots of sick kids around baby (big worry). Thankfully my mother in-law was close by the school and she came to sit in the car and hold Kennedy while we were in the party.

Everything turned out just fine, but I am so overly exhausted now from waking up at 5 to start getting ready for the day and making it to the party on time. It was a monumental moment today saying that I did it myself and made it there on time. I know Cabe is thanking the Lord that I made it somewhere on time. What is a few minutes anyways, is no one fashionably late these days.

Klay had just as much fun, if not more than Kensley at the party. He marched right in and sat down like it was his classroom and he is there everyday. When Mrs. Jamie was explaining the project and asking questions Klay answered first to everything. It was funny to all the other parents, but princess was a little irritated brother was stepping into her territory. The kids made birthday cakes for Jesus out of the cookies I baked. It was really cute hearing them all sing happy birthday to Jesus.

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