Thursday, November 20, 2008

LLA Thanksgiving Lunch

I had to share some of the cute pics I got today at Kensley's Thanksgiving lunch at pre-school. Klay was so interested in the other boys at school, but he was a good sport and got some pictures of Kensley. Do you notice how he isn't looking at the camera in any of them? Ha!
We feasted on turkey and pie and got the fellowship with the staff and other parents at school. Kensley was so shy around this little boy in her class Wade. He is just precious!! He is always right there beside Kensley and wants hug her and play. She gets so embarrassed by it. Poor little guy was just talking to us asking what Kensley was doing for Thanksgiving and if she was going to be here in town. I thought it was too precious, but Kensley is to shy to open up and talk to him.
After the lunch the kids were free to go home. This was the last day Kensley will be at school for a while because of the holidays and the baby. She was really excited to be off for Thanksgiving and she is even more excited to know that means it is getting close to the time for Kennedy to be born.

I wish I would have remembered to get a picture of Kensley's turkey centerpieces they made in class. They were cute brown paper bag turkeys the kids had made to decorate the foyer of the church. She also made an Indian bead necklace that she has proudly worn around all afternoon telling me about the Indians.

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