Saturday, November 1, 2008

Klayton's 3rd Birthday

Today we celebrated Klayton's 3rd Birthday! Both kids will have a joint party next weekend, which falls on Klay's actual birthday, so I wanted him to have his special day. For breakfast we wanted to go to Cracker Barrel, so we invited the grandparents to join us out there for Klay's favorite meal of the day. Then we took Klay to get some new boots. He is very praticular about his John Deere boots and the other day I noticed they were very snug on his feet. I don't mean a little snug, like smooshing his toes! I told him he couldn't wear them anymore and you would have thought I took away his binket. He cried and wore them anyways, so I knew we had to buy some more. This kid even wore the boots all summer long with his shorts and swim trunks.
When we got home from getting his boots he was all ready to try them out. While I got dinner and his cake ready, Cabe took the kids on a scavengar hunt.

Klay showing off all his goodies he found on the hunt

This is sneaky Klay hiding under the coffee table with his Wall-E he opened up while we were finishing dinner. He just couldn't wait any longer!

Klay loved all his Thomas presents he got! He was so excited this year for his birthday, for months he has been asking us when his big day was!

Each of the kids requested the type of cake they wanted. Klay loves his George and that is what he wanted for his cake. Mine is a little rough looking, but the kids loved the funfetti cake and tons of icing!

Happy Birthday Little Man!! We love you to pieces cutie! I can't believe my little baby boy has grown so much and is learning so much. We are amazed every day at how much he knows.
Now the countdown begins til his real birthday and the party day!

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