Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating

The kiddos looked so cute tonight! Kensley went as Little Mermaid and Klayton was Alvin the Chipmunk. After Kensley opened presents we went trick or treating. It started to rain a little, but that didn't stop them. We had to ride to each house this year because they are more spread out in our neighborhood. The kids loved sitting in the back of Pop Pop's truck with Nana and Daddy. They got way to much candy, that I'm sure I'll be sneaking into.

Is that not the cutest Alvin you have ever seen!

Kensley just loved her light up shoes and wand!

Mom would leave each house dying laughing at Klayton. Instead of saying Trick or Treat, we would say "Hello Gorgeous!" I had practiced with him last week what he was suppose to say because he hasn't really ever gotten to trick or treat. Last year we were in Disney World so you just got candy from all the creators. This year when I asked him if he knew what Alvin was suppose at the door he told me Alvin says "Hello Gorgeous" (which is Klayton's favorite line from the movie). I thought he was too cute so I didn't bother telling him any different.

Hope everyone had a safe and candy filled Halloween!

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