Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday with our girl

Kensley really needs alot of alone time with Cabe and I. What little girl doesn't need that extra special attention? I have learned many lessons since having a boy and a girl. The saying of "complete opposites" truly doesn't mean anything until you live it.

So we had Klay spend the night with his Mimi so we could spend some one one one with Kensley. We took her to see Beverly Hills Chihuaia then did some late night browsing at a few stores in Little Rock. Kensley loves going to the movies! It is really wierd how much this child is a movie addict. Cabe and I love nothing more than to curl up and watch movies, and so has Kensley since she was old enough to even sit and watch them.

When we got home we all curled up in our bed and went to sleep. This was also a special treat to our girl, because usually if one of them is in our bed, then both are.

On Saturday morning we got up and took Kensley for breakfast then came back to the house to get a few things done. We have a piece of furniture in Kensley's room that needed to be painted and some painting on her walls.
While we were painting I decided it was a good time for her to set Luke her turtle free. We have had him for quite a while and we told her one day she would need to let him go live back outside. So while we painted we let her paint his back so she can identify Luke from the other turtles once in the wild. She decided pink looked best on him! ha! I'm hoping that maybe its a Lucy not a Luke, who knows.

Luke ran for his life! I have never seen a turtle move so fast, he knew this was his one chance to ecscape.

You will never believe what I found that night when cleaning up the paint. Underneath everything was this little guy.....

I'm glad he was an alligaor snapping turtle, I just had to tell the kids that and I heard no argument about us keeping him. Good for him too!!

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