Friday, October 24, 2008

Park Day

Today was such a good day with the kids! It is one of those days that makes you really proud to stay at home with them. We decided since the weather has been so nice and they have been great all week, that today would be Park Day. We packed our picnic, and even baked an EasyBake desert. I guess everyone had the same idea today, because all of our local parks were packed. I decided to drive to a not so popular park, I really understand why now. The park itself was great, but is is in a bad part of town. I was like worried mother little hen. The kids had a blast, but next time we will go to our usual park, crowded or not.

Kensley enjoying Lunchables and treats!

The precious cake the kids made!! They wanted to save it for Daddy, I think he could of had one whole bite.

Klay loved getting lots of treats, he had this and pumpkin cookies from Maggies.

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Heather said...

I love park days!!! Cute pics! Can't wait to see your new addition!