Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Birthday

Another I'm catching up on, yes I am queen of catching up! If I could just master getting all things done on time and never play catch up.. sorry I was dreaming of another ones life. Ha! I first am going to update on my birthday weekend.

My sweet family made it another great birthday!! Kensley, Klay and Cabe surprised me by coming home early on Thursday and baking me cupcakes. I couldn't believe it when I heard my sweet Kensley in the kitchen talking, I was getting ready to head out and pick her up from school. Daddy got her early and they ran some birthday errands. After we went to dinner Thursday night with my family we came back to the house for cupcakes and cake! I had an awesome Hannah Montana surprise party set up! I mean what secret rock star mom wouldn't love it!!! I thought it was so precious, the kids are really in the birthday spirit since theirs are just around the corner.

I got some great goodies from my family I had to share.

Cabe worked so hard to get me exactly what I want, he is a great gift giver!! Really he is, my love language isn't even gifts, but he is amazing when he comes to getting gifts for others. He was gonna send me on a special trip, but he asked me first to make sure I would really go if he bought the tickets. I cried so hard thinking about leaving my kiddos and hubby. I don't know if it is the hormones or the fact I'm always with them, but it really got to me thinking I may be away by myself. So he opted for another idea. He rushed my website setup and alot of other things for the boutique, which sad to say didn't happen to turn out as we plan. Long story I'm not so pleased with, bless his heart he ended up doing it all himself. Bad bad experience there! We now joke that I'm cursed on my birthday. Last year he bought me a ton of pots for the new house. Our front porch is huge and I needed something large to stand out. Three of the pots broke before even making it home, and the other three broke as soon as we moved them to the new house. Oh yeah let me add to that story and say that the first three didn't make it home last year from my birthday picnic that my parents set up for me. Kensley fell on the concrete and knocked her front tooth out,(it actually was lodged in the side of her gums, poor baby) we were speeding home and hit a speed bump. Bye bye beautiful pots!

So after the bad website thing this year, Cabe got me a Ped-Egg I've talked about forever. It works great!! I'm a sucker for infomercial stuff, everyone who knows me will tell you it started way back when I was a kid.

My parents got me the most beautiful frames for our bedroom. I love that they got three, so I have one for each of my babies! It was a gift that I just loved and wanted to cry getting, I'm a huge picture person and I'm always trying to find ways to add more to our home.

My mother-in-law bought me these amazing lamps I have wanted for the longest time. Every time I go into one of my favorite stores, Vesta's, I just drool over these beauties! They look so good in our bedroom, its crazy how much it added. Our room is in desperate need of some decor help. Slowly I will get it just right.

My sis Linz got me a candle that is so yummy from a little boutique in Little Rock. This candle is one of those that just screams freshness! I put in in our bathroom, and I love to go by and smell it. The brand is Kobo if anyone wants one. My scent is Water Mint, I can't wait to smell some of the others.

Also I got money from my sweet grans!! Thanks Gran and Mammaw!! I'm always thankful to get that!

Love all my family who I'm glad I've got each year to celebrate with. You make my day special because you love me, that's the best gift I could ever get!

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