Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LLA Festival

Kensley had her fall festival at preschool tonight. Klay and I setup for the festival this afternoon, and he was so ready to go back to sissy's school and jump in the bounce house.
The festival was so much fun, but very cold! I'm now curled up in front of the fireplace warming up from the cold weather that moved in today. I'm really hoping the kids party isn't as cold, I don't know how I'm gonna bring ponies in the house! ha!
We played all the games and got candy at each booth, then we topped off the night with a hay ride. Even though the kids were loving the festival, they were ready to go home when the hay ride was over.
Kensley and Klay got there pictures made in the fall scene, but we couldn't get Klay to leave the pumpkins alone and look at the camera.

Our little frozen pumpkin painting her pumpkin!

All of the pumpkins that the classes decorated, I'm not sure which class won! They were all so cute

Kensley's classes pumpkin, they named it "Pop"

Stashing some candy in the pockets! Ha!

Klay loved the ring toss, even though his idea of winning was going up to it and placing the ring on.

Pumpkin bowling! This was so cute to see all the really little kids try. Everyone got candy at each booth, so we were well sugared up!

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