Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kensley's Preschool party

As a mommy today was one of those day that will always be stored as a top memory in your head. I remember every birthday as a child my parents making a big deal out of our birthday. Cabe thinks I go overboard with birthdays but it is just a way I show love to my family. I like to make a big deal about the kids birthdays because they have that one day of the year that is especially for them!
Today we celebrated Kensley's 5th birthday at preschool. She requested Jasmine cupcakes so we got princess for the girls, and cars for the boys. All the kids loved getting a special snack that day, and Kensley really enjoyed getting some attention. Her little eyes were all lit up as everyone sang her Happy Birthday! And she liked to having her picture made with one of her good friends. When she got out of school that day she was ready to play with her brother, and tell Daddy all about getting to celebrate at school with her friends.

Kensley with her friend Jada.

Ms. Angie leading the kids in singing Happy Birthday!

Playing after school

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