Friday, October 31, 2008

Kensley's 5th B-Day

Today was Kensley's 5th Birthday!! So sad that it has been five years since were holding her for the first time in the hospital. She was so amazing to Cabe and I from the first minute we met her, and still is just an angel in our lives. Each year seems to come and go so fast, it feels like she should be turning two and not five. Happy Birthday Precious we love you!!!

It has kind of become a tradition that we blow out candles with our breakfast. It started when Kensley was two and so super pumped about her birthday. We would wake her up in bed with breakfast fit for a princess and sing happy birthday. This year we made Halloween cinnamon rolls with orange icing. Kensley and Klay both loved them!

Kensley's day she planned out was to have lunch at Holly's, then go to the park. I love that my kid chose Holly's Country Cookin' as her restaurant to go have lunch on her day. This place is a little down home place that has the absolute best comfort food. It was packed today, but we stood in line and Kensley got the have lunch with Cabe, Klayton, and I, and even Mimi and Pop Pop were able to join us.
After we headed to the park for some playtime. It was a nice day with beautiful weather. The kids played so hard and had such a good time.

Kensley wanted to have races with Klay, which I was so scared she was going to fall and have a major accident, but all turned out well. Bless her heart, but Kensley got my grace. She can trip over any imaginary object at any given time, and then her drama queen sets in. I just knew she would break a leg running in her boots.

It started to rain right before we went out to trick or treat. This didn't stop the kids from having a blast, they went out to jump in the puddles!

Kensley and her new baby doll she got from Mimi. This is Ella Grace. Cabe and I were so shocked at her name choice. Usually she names her dolls the same thing or picks the most random name, however she chose Ella Grace. I loved it!

Opening Bubba's gift, a white horse that walks and moves its tail. Klay knew exactly what he wanted to get Kensley. I took him to Target a couple of weeks back and we went through every toy aisle, when he saw this he had to have it. I showed him other things, but he held this horse so proudly the whole time and kept saying "Sissy will love this!" She did in fact love her horse and even more since Bubba got it for her.

I am not a cake decorator by any means like my sister. She is making the kids cakes for their birthdays, but I made one tonight for our family celebration at home. Kensley wanted a Hannah Montana cake, so I attempted my best. She loved having a totally girly cake and her favorite dinner of spaghetti.

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