Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ethan's Hog Party

My cousin's little boy Ethan is so cute, I don't think there is any child his age that is as big a sports fan as he is. For his seventh birthday party he choose to have a football themed party. His mom has always thrown the best parties. The kids get really excited when we get an invitation to one of their birthdays because they know it is going to be good.
Well this year wasn't any different. The party was at War Memorial Stadium, which I had no clue they would rent the field out for parties. It was such a blast! The boys had a game between the red and white teams. While all the little girls cheered on the sidelines. It didn't last long for the girls on the field, they decided they were too hot so they went to the locker rooms to play Barbies. We laughed and said we have some work to do before they get older on the real field. Typical little girls, couldn't talk the heat! Ha! The white team won, Ethan was a good sport even though his team didn't win. I think this little boy would always be happy as long as he has some sort of ball in his hand.
The party was complete with Gatorade breaks, ballpark style nachos, and of course a Razorback cake. Ethan's mommy said on her blog how this was his favorite party ever. It was really great, I don't know what could beat it. Now Klay is even saying he wants a football party. We will wait a few years for that one.

Look at that stud!! I'm gonna have to fight the girls off when he plays real ball.

Landon was the first through the run through. The boys had their entrance on the field while the cheerleaders rooted them on.

Klayton attempting to tackle Kensley for the ball by pulling her skirt.

All the kiddos got different Razorback gear for the game. Klay was one of the only good sports we could get the nose on. I did get talked into wearing it, but we won't share that pic.

Kensley and Scarlett taking a break after running the bleachers.

This is Ethan the birthday boy!! I loved this pic, blown up it is the perfect shot! Not only is he just a precious kid with that beautiful curly hair, but he is a really sweet boy too. My family always comments on how well behaved he is, and he is always willing to love on someone. Michelle I know you and Jack(hubby) have to be proud of him! Your kids are too cute, my kiddos can't wait for them to come to their party now. Hopefully I can pull off one that Klay will like as much as the football party.

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LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

Aww, Thanks, Katy! That made me cry. I feel so lucky to have such a sweet and loving little guy The one shot is perfect, you will have to email it to me. We can't wait for Kensley and Klay's party. It is always super fun with lots of cool things to do. Ethan and Scarlett were sad they didn't have a party last year! Can't wait to see the kids again! We should get them together to go to the Pumpkin Patch.. we haven't been this year yet! OOPS! Bad mom! ha!