Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We have been so busy that we haven't gotten to carve pumpkins until tonight. The kids had an absolute blast. This year we let them actually carve the pumpkins. Usually Cabe and I carve and the kiddos paint their pumpkins. They were up for the challenge and I felt brave so we tried it. They did an awesome job! We were so impressed that they followed the lines so patiently and sawed away at the thick pumpkins for a while. In the end we got some great pictures and had fun talking about how pumpkins grow. We saved some seeds to plant, so next year we might have our own pumpkin patch. Kensley just loves pumpkins, and kept asking us to tell her the story of how she came out of a pumpkin since she is our little "Pumpkin Baby!".

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