Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Branson Trip

On the weekend of my birthday we took a trip up to Branson. We love to take rode trips anywhere and they kids really enjoy going there. We always stay at Bass Pro's Big Cedar Lodge, which is such a neat place. They have cabins, and lodges that you can choose from with a ton of activities to do while there. We have figured out the only reason the kids enjoy traveling so much is for the indoor pools. This place has our favorite and it even has a slide. We went to eat at the Dixie Stampede when we got there. It is a fun dinner show where you watch the North and South compete while enjoying dinner Southern style. No silverware! They serve so much food that you are just stuffed when you leave. We always luck out and get on the front row, so the kids can see the horses up close. Don't have any good pics because they don't allow them in the arena. We tried to sneak a few but they didn't turn out because of the flash.
The next day we got up early so the kids could ride the horses at the stables on the resort. Kensley loves horses and asks us to get her one all the time. Daddy is seriously checking into it, boy does she know how to play him. After that we head to Silver Dollar City. It was really pretty with all the fall decorations up. I love going to amusement parks during holiday times, they are so over the top it just puts you in the spirit! I was spoiled by Disney last fall!!

Kensley had a day were she wasn't into taking pictures, so Klay has a ton with pumpkins.

This is the pearl Kensley got from her Oyster. She waited in line for a while for this, and after was even more glad she waited. She carried her pearl (aka "her Stone") with her all weekend long. It is a pretty big size and a beautiful gold color.

The kids love the area of the park that is just little kid rides. We stay there for a long time, doing the same ones over and over. The mommy in me was quite mad at an attendant this time. If anyone has ever been there they know that is no danger in the ladybug ride. This was the first time we had not gotten on with Klay. He is big enough now where he isn't scared and he enjoys being a big boy riding alone with Kensley. They rode all the other little rides alone and then we took him over to the ladybugs. I mean these things hardly move and they never get off the ground. The man pulled Klay to the side and said he was a quarter inch to small. Klay had no clue what was going on, he just knew Kensley could ride and he wasn't allowed to. I was so mad, we explained he had been big enough for all the others and this guy was just not budging. All the other moms thought it was ridiculous too, they saw how upset Klay was. He just put his head on my shoulder and buried his face like he was going to cry. It broke my heart. Poor kid its not his fault he is going on three and may not be able to ride the ladybugs for a while.

Kensley riding Chester on the trails. The sun was right in our eyes so the pictures didn't turn out well, and you can't see Klay at all.

Isn't she precious! I'm afraid we may be the proud owners of a horse soon if Daddy has anything to do with it.

The huge bear in our lobby. Klay would roar at it and then run! Chicken little!

And now the highlight of the kids trip! The pool!! I mean look at those faces, forget that we paid to go see a horse show or an amusement park, just let them stay up late at a hotel pool.

I kept playing around with the settings on the camera and got some of the neatest shots of Kensley on the slide. This one cracked me up!!

This was Klay's truck he built at Ride Makerz. If you have one near you, check it out! I wish we had one local I would buy into the franchise. This is the most ingenious thing!! It is like Build-a-Bear but you build a truck. They have the frames and then you pick and accessorize. I mean what little boy wouldn't think he was in heaven. They pack it up into a garage to scan it while checking out. And instead of the certificate like Build-a-Bear you get decals to put on your ride. Klay's license plate says Klaybo! How cute is that!! He has played no stop with it. I know will have to make a special trip to this store each time we go back.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the kiddos had some fun! Silver Dollar City is one of my favorite Branson attractions to go to.

David said...

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