Thursday, October 16, 2008

8 months? Which expert said that?

A while back after being really discouraged that my potty training date had gone and passed, I started reading some material to help. I don't remember what book or show it was but they said little boys need to have 8 months of introducing them to the potty. Well experts I have done the eight months and still, we have a boy in diapers.

I know I'm gonna miss my baby when he is out of them, because what mom doesn't think it is just precious to see and hear them running around the house in a diaper. But now that his third birthday is approaching and also my due date with our little one, I'm not so fond of diapers.

Today right when I got home from dropping Kensley off at pre-k I got to work on ordering 2yr old pics and organizing them all into an album. While looking through and grouping them, I came across Klay's first time on the potty.

The date on these picks was August 15! That's right over a year I've been trying to get him psyched about using a real potty. My set date was to have him potty trained by September 15. I made the date this summer, marked it on the calendar and all summer went hard to work at running him to the potty, changing undies. All that fun stuff!! I just knew I could do it. I so proudly told Cabe my date, and he said you set your mind to it and he will be, you had Kensley trained in a week. Yes I was such a proud momma, I love to share my story of how fast I had my little girl trained. I just knew I deserved an award or something. Maybe it turns out Kensley was the one needing the award.

I can't seem to get Klay trained no matter what method we use. I'm at the stage now that my method is let him do it when he is ready. Well today as I came across the potty pic, he was playing trucks while assuring me he wasn't going in his diaper. Then five minutes later he informed me we need to have diaper changing time. I mean doesn't it sound like the kid is ready!?! ha,ha!
Any suggestions on what works? I would love a mom of boys to pass on her expert advice, because the 8 months thing can be shot down to that expert.


Leigh Ann said...

Hi Katy. I definitely remember you, although in my mind you should still be ten! Ha! Your children are so adorable. I wish I had great words of wisdom to pass on to you, but I don't. Potty training is just HARD! If they aren't interested, there is just not that much you can do about it. My sister did have luck though when she made my niece clean up after herself. That only happened one time and she decided she would use the potty from then on. Good luck. I'm right there with you as we are just starting with my soon-to-be two year old.

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

I am with you on "when they are ready, they will do it". Ethan was the easiest child to potty train. We got up on Monday threw our diapers away and he hasn't looked back since... but he was just over 2 1/2 years old. I never even mentioned it or tried to make him go before that. With the new baby coming it may be something Klay is doing just make sure he gets his "attention". You would be surprised at almost 3 how much they realize their little world is going to change when a new baby comes along. I might put the potty away (which is one thing I did do with Ethan) for a week or so and just get up one day and say okay this is it, let's throw the diapers away. It worked for me twice.. who knows maybe I just got really, really lucky. But one things if for sure.. it will happen! So, don't stress too much over it.

Heather said...

Oh my goodness. Potty training! I hope I will encourage you when I tell you that I didn't even START with Connor until he was 3 years old (and then some!) Even then, it took several weeks of doing ONLY THAT (as in not leaving the house EVER and spending all day every day in the bathroom) for him to get it. I must say, though, that now he is good to go! After a couple of weeks, he "got it" and he never even has a close call or accident. (Knock on wood!)
Hang in there, Katy. I love reading your blog and seeing what a wonderful mother you are. It's hard for me to believe it...I still think about you being in 8th grade!!! Now we're fellow mommies!!!! :) I am so encouraged to see you seeking God's plan for your life and your family. I have always prayed that for you. (Phil 1:9-11) Hope you have a great day! Sorry for my marathon comment!!!