Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating

The kiddos looked so cute tonight! Kensley went as Little Mermaid and Klayton was Alvin the Chipmunk. After Kensley opened presents we went trick or treating. It started to rain a little, but that didn't stop them. We had to ride to each house this year because they are more spread out in our neighborhood. The kids loved sitting in the back of Pop Pop's truck with Nana and Daddy. They got way to much candy, that I'm sure I'll be sneaking into.

Is that not the cutest Alvin you have ever seen!

Kensley just loved her light up shoes and wand!

Mom would leave each house dying laughing at Klayton. Instead of saying Trick or Treat, we would say "Hello Gorgeous!" I had practiced with him last week what he was suppose to say because he hasn't really ever gotten to trick or treat. Last year we were in Disney World so you just got candy from all the creators. This year when I asked him if he knew what Alvin was suppose at the door he told me Alvin says "Hello Gorgeous" (which is Klayton's favorite line from the movie). I thought he was too cute so I didn't bother telling him any different.

Hope everyone had a safe and candy filled Halloween!

Kensley's 5th B-Day

Today was Kensley's 5th Birthday!! So sad that it has been five years since were holding her for the first time in the hospital. She was so amazing to Cabe and I from the first minute we met her, and still is just an angel in our lives. Each year seems to come and go so fast, it feels like she should be turning two and not five. Happy Birthday Precious we love you!!!

It has kind of become a tradition that we blow out candles with our breakfast. It started when Kensley was two and so super pumped about her birthday. We would wake her up in bed with breakfast fit for a princess and sing happy birthday. This year we made Halloween cinnamon rolls with orange icing. Kensley and Klay both loved them!

Kensley's day she planned out was to have lunch at Holly's, then go to the park. I love that my kid chose Holly's Country Cookin' as her restaurant to go have lunch on her day. This place is a little down home place that has the absolute best comfort food. It was packed today, but we stood in line and Kensley got the have lunch with Cabe, Klayton, and I, and even Mimi and Pop Pop were able to join us.
After we headed to the park for some playtime. It was a nice day with beautiful weather. The kids played so hard and had such a good time.

Kensley wanted to have races with Klay, which I was so scared she was going to fall and have a major accident, but all turned out well. Bless her heart, but Kensley got my grace. She can trip over any imaginary object at any given time, and then her drama queen sets in. I just knew she would break a leg running in her boots.

It started to rain right before we went out to trick or treat. This didn't stop the kids from having a blast, they went out to jump in the puddles!

Kensley and her new baby doll she got from Mimi. This is Ella Grace. Cabe and I were so shocked at her name choice. Usually she names her dolls the same thing or picks the most random name, however she chose Ella Grace. I loved it!

Opening Bubba's gift, a white horse that walks and moves its tail. Klay knew exactly what he wanted to get Kensley. I took him to Target a couple of weeks back and we went through every toy aisle, when he saw this he had to have it. I showed him other things, but he held this horse so proudly the whole time and kept saying "Sissy will love this!" She did in fact love her horse and even more since Bubba got it for her.

I am not a cake decorator by any means like my sister. She is making the kids cakes for their birthdays, but I made one tonight for our family celebration at home. Kensley wanted a Hannah Montana cake, so I attempted my best. She loved having a totally girly cake and her favorite dinner of spaghetti.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We have been so busy that we haven't gotten to carve pumpkins until tonight. The kids had an absolute blast. This year we let them actually carve the pumpkins. Usually Cabe and I carve and the kiddos paint their pumpkins. They were up for the challenge and I felt brave so we tried it. They did an awesome job! We were so impressed that they followed the lines so patiently and sawed away at the thick pumpkins for a while. In the end we got some great pictures and had fun talking about how pumpkins grow. We saved some seeds to plant, so next year we might have our own pumpkin patch. Kensley just loves pumpkins, and kept asking us to tell her the story of how she came out of a pumpkin since she is our little "Pumpkin Baby!".

Kensley's Preschool party

As a mommy today was one of those day that will always be stored as a top memory in your head. I remember every birthday as a child my parents making a big deal out of our birthday. Cabe thinks I go overboard with birthdays but it is just a way I show love to my family. I like to make a big deal about the kids birthdays because they have that one day of the year that is especially for them!
Today we celebrated Kensley's 5th birthday at preschool. She requested Jasmine cupcakes so we got princess for the girls, and cars for the boys. All the kids loved getting a special snack that day, and Kensley really enjoyed getting some attention. Her little eyes were all lit up as everyone sang her Happy Birthday! And she liked to having her picture made with one of her good friends. When she got out of school that day she was ready to play with her brother, and tell Daddy all about getting to celebrate at school with her friends.

Kensley with her friend Jada.

Ms. Angie leading the kids in singing Happy Birthday!

Playing after school

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LLA Festival

Kensley had her fall festival at preschool tonight. Klay and I setup for the festival this afternoon, and he was so ready to go back to sissy's school and jump in the bounce house.
The festival was so much fun, but very cold! I'm now curled up in front of the fireplace warming up from the cold weather that moved in today. I'm really hoping the kids party isn't as cold, I don't know how I'm gonna bring ponies in the house! ha!
We played all the games and got candy at each booth, then we topped off the night with a hay ride. Even though the kids were loving the festival, they were ready to go home when the hay ride was over.
Kensley and Klay got there pictures made in the fall scene, but we couldn't get Klay to leave the pumpkins alone and look at the camera.

Our little frozen pumpkin painting her pumpkin!

All of the pumpkins that the classes decorated, I'm not sure which class won! They were all so cute

Kensley's classes pumpkin, they named it "Pop"

Stashing some candy in the pockets! Ha!

Klay loved the ring toss, even though his idea of winning was going up to it and placing the ring on.

Pumpkin bowling! This was so cute to see all the really little kids try. Everyone got candy at each booth, so we were well sugared up!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Church Pics

Just a cute pic of the kids before church! Cabe and I think it is so great that our kids can't wait to get up on Sunday mornings to go to church. I can remember wanting to sleep in as a child, I know thats horrible. But church has to have something special for kids to invite them in, and want to come back and learn. New Life rocks!!! I am glad we placed our family in this church while they are young, it helps bring them up knowing God and having a network of friends with the same values! Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Park Day

Today was such a good day with the kids! It is one of those days that makes you really proud to stay at home with them. We decided since the weather has been so nice and they have been great all week, that today would be Park Day. We packed our picnic, and even baked an EasyBake desert. I guess everyone had the same idea today, because all of our local parks were packed. I decided to drive to a not so popular park, I really understand why now. The park itself was great, but is is in a bad part of town. I was like worried mother little hen. The kids had a blast, but next time we will go to our usual park, crowded or not.

Kensley enjoying Lunchables and treats!

The precious cake the kids made!! They wanted to save it for Daddy, I think he could of had one whole bite.

Klay loved getting lots of treats, he had this and pumpkin cookies from Maggies.

Pumpkins and more

The week before last we went to a close by pumpkin patch were we always get our pumpkins for the porch. This isn't an actual patch like some of the others but we have found that the kids have a blast at this farm every year, and we can get a ton a decorations for less. I think we went on the Saturday that is was there fall festival because I've never seen this place so crowded. We had fun looking at all the animals, crawling through hay tunnels, and the kids got to ride a John Deere train.

Klayton decided for his face painting he wanted the skull. It cracked us up how cool he thought he was with his tattoo and sunglasses on all day.

Kensley was all up for modeling her new outfit this day. She proudly pranced all over the pumpkin patch and allowed us to get some adorable shoots.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lazy Daze

This is what I'm enjoying tonight. My feet were starting to swell, it is cold and wet outside, so I thought I would kick back and relax. The kids are in bed, and it is just me, Grey's Anatomy, Paula Deen, and come good chocolate ice cream! Doesn't that just sound like a pregnant ladies dream!! Ha,ha! So I'm off to relax and take in some peaceful me time.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Bassinet

Tonight we put together the pack-n-play. Cabe has been really anxious to get stuff together for the baby, we are getting really excited with only 6 weeks away. The kids loved helping put things together. Kensley got to help with all the preparations when Klay was born, so now it is both their turn.

Klay loves to put stuff together, he was in such deep thought.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday with our girl

Kensley really needs alot of alone time with Cabe and I. What little girl doesn't need that extra special attention? I have learned many lessons since having a boy and a girl. The saying of "complete opposites" truly doesn't mean anything until you live it.

So we had Klay spend the night with his Mimi so we could spend some one one one with Kensley. We took her to see Beverly Hills Chihuaia then did some late night browsing at a few stores in Little Rock. Kensley loves going to the movies! It is really wierd how much this child is a movie addict. Cabe and I love nothing more than to curl up and watch movies, and so has Kensley since she was old enough to even sit and watch them.

When we got home we all curled up in our bed and went to sleep. This was also a special treat to our girl, because usually if one of them is in our bed, then both are.

On Saturday morning we got up and took Kensley for breakfast then came back to the house to get a few things done. We have a piece of furniture in Kensley's room that needed to be painted and some painting on her walls.
While we were painting I decided it was a good time for her to set Luke her turtle free. We have had him for quite a while and we told her one day she would need to let him go live back outside. So while we painted we let her paint his back so she can identify Luke from the other turtles once in the wild. She decided pink looked best on him! ha! I'm hoping that maybe its a Lucy not a Luke, who knows.

Luke ran for his life! I have never seen a turtle move so fast, he knew this was his one chance to ecscape.

You will never believe what I found that night when cleaning up the paint. Underneath everything was this little guy.....

I'm glad he was an alligaor snapping turtle, I just had to tell the kids that and I heard no argument about us keeping him. Good for him too!!