Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rainy Day

I have been meaning to post some pictures from a week or two ago. I captured some of life's crazy moments with kids! If you have ever been a parent, then you know there are those days that you wake up and know the whole day is just going to be wild! I was thinking back on these pictures today, because the kids were just driving me crazy. I think it is all the rain, and being stuck inside with nothing to do. No toy, movie, etc. was going to settle these two wild kiddos today. I was so worn down with telling them to stop throwing things, screaming, running, uhh!!! I know they have their bored days just like I have mine, but what can you do?

A couple of weeks ago this is how one day went.

First I woke up to Klay being in the dog kennel. He usually is a very early riser, and we often just let him get up while we are still waking up. I heard all the noise in my bathroom, and when I went in there, this is what I saw.

Then when Kensley got up he convinced her to lock him in there. That's all I need is Kensley being able to lock Klay in a cage. I can just see that one playing out. When she didn't get her way I would probably find my son in there.

Well there was a ton of things on the to-do list so we had to get out no matter how much the kids were acting out. I thought maybe lunch and some play at Chick-fil-A would help, but no that went wild too. We were that embarrassing family with screaming fighting kids that everyone stares at. So after that we had to get school shoes, so we went to do that. The kids know that there is a horse in the shoe store so immediately they started fighting over who was going to ride it first. We occupied Kensley being letting her try on shoes. She loves them! Klay also found a new favorite thing. The socks to try on shoes! He wore these stocking on his feet for the next several days. Every time he put on his crocs he would say how comfortable they made his feet feel. I tell you this kid is like his Pop Pop.

You can see his is chillin' on the couch wearing his sock.

They were suppose to be taking naps, but I gave in and said if they quietly watched cartoons that would work. We all know that didn't work out and I finally got Klay to sleep in his bed. Kensley can fight a nap till the end, and I have just come to the realization that she no longer needs one. Some days she has to have some rest so I can convince her read books on her bed. She was fighting her nap this day with every battle weapon she had. She will wake Klay in his room, say she has to do stuff in her bathroom,(That is just code for I'm going to make a mess with lip gloss) say she has a stomach ache and can't lay down. I'm telling you the kid can debate!

This is how I found her after I forced her to just stay in her room quietly. It was like she wasn't going to let me win and lay in her bed to take a nap. She fell asleep on her toy box, and I even after the battle she still looked like an angel.

Later while I was getting dinner ready Klayton started in on his potty training thing. Some days he does really good all day, others he will go in his diaper, take it off, and then go to the potty. That is his version of him doing a good job. I'm not going to get graphic, but lets say its not a pretty picture when he takes himself. While in the kitchen I keep seeing a little naked behind run past. I would put a diaper on him, next thing I know he runs past diaperless again! Oh, the day was long! So Kensley comes to tell me that Klay has taken his diaper off again, and he is eating the treat I told him he couldn't have. We had bought Twinkies at the store(which the kids had never had) and he was really eager to taste them. I insisted he not spoil his dinner, but this is what I found in Kensley's room.

(Yes he is diaperless)

We all made it through the day without pulling each others hair out, and Klay even got a new favorite stool. I got this cute little stool from an antique store here. He kept bringing it to me and telling me how this is for when he can't reach. It was sweet, but also under my feet all night.

Those days will come and go, but it is just giving me stories to tell my grandchildren one day.

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