Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The New Ride

I had a different weekend than planned. I was going to get several new fall outfits sewn, work on baby items, finish projects in the house that needed to be done, etc.. Lets say none of that got done, and I'm feeling way behind now. I started having the most horrible migraine Friday, and Saturday it only got worse. I called the nurse to see what was going on because not only was my head hurting, but now I was so nauseous and weak that I could hardly get out of bed. Luckily Cabe had taken Klay with him for the day, so it was Kensley and me and she it very understanding when mommy doesn't feel well. They gave me some medicine and said to watch my blood pressure. So I stayed in bed all Saturday and some of Sunday, then that night it got worse. I was bleeding really bad, so Cabe and I made a trip to labor and delivery around 11:30Sunday night. They said the baby was fine and that I probably had some kidney stones. So anyway, I am feeling even more unprepared for the baby now. I kept thinking on the way to the hospital about all the stuff we didn't have yet for the baby. Like everything! I have told Cabe now, that we have to step it up and get things ready just in case. Thank heavens I wasn't the women that was brought in while I was there that had just delivered in the back of a truck on the side of the highway. I mean talk about a shock!!

So Monday we decided to take the kids to do some fun stuff, since the weekend had kind of been slow. We went to Playtime Pizza, which we all really liked. I think they would have loved it even more had they been able to ride the go-carts. But they enjoyed the games and bowling. Kensley won a Minnie Mouse from one of those claw machines and all Klay wanted was some candy. Which after like $5.00 worth of trys, we gave up and just cashed in his tickets for some sour punch straws and a sucker. Happy Boy!

I have been stressed on the seating arrangements in the car when the baby gets here, so we decided since they were having Labor Day sales we would check out some car lots. I love my car however, I can't stand the back row of seats or the way it rides when you are back there. On trips I am the one who seats back there and I have to keep Tylenol down the whole time because it is so claustrophobic. Also you can't buckle because the seat belts lock up every inch you pull them. So aggravating!! I was really worried because I can't imagine putting Kensley in the back, when I can't even ride back there.

So long story short, we are now owners to a new Expedition EL. So much bigger, and I love, love, love it!!! I couldn't sleep the other night however, after my first drive in it. Yes I didn't even drive it or sit in it before we bought it. That is just kinda the way we roll! Ha,ha!! I knew what I liked, because I have researched which vechiles are the biggest and have the most interior room. Cabe had driven it the way home and for a quick run to the store, Monday night. He thought maybe before I had to drive it all week I might give it a try in the neighborhood. I probably looked like a student driver!! I was in the middle of the rode scared to death I was going to take down a mailbox or something, and I'm not a fan of night driving. Hate it! I tossed and turned, and so did the baby all night. I am getting use to the bigger size, but it is still going to be a challenge until I am well acquainted with it.

I did have to trade park spaces in the garage, because my usual spot just wouldn't hold this massive tank. We all love it, and hopefully it will work well when all three kiddos are in their car seats. I am on the hunt for a cute toy organizer for the car that can hold all that stuff that somehow makes it to the floorboards or our car. It was almost embarrassing taking all of our stuff out of the old car when leaving the dealership. We had more toys, crayons, sippys, etc. in our car than should be allowed.

I love some to the new features this car has. It has the back up camera, which is so awesome. I had become such a fan of the back up sensors, I don't think I could drive without them. But putting a camera in the rear view mirror, now that is ingenious! Also the back seat is humongous!! I am now thinking I may put both kids in the back and the baby seat in the 2nd row. Also it came with a DVD player!! I have wanted one in the car since we had kids. Just this summer we bought a huge 11' inch screen awesome DVD player for our trip. I hated to see it go, but at least this one does come with it. Another feature that is just funny to me is the air conditioned seats. Our Yukon had the heated seats, but air conditioned. It is just weird, you feel like you spilt a cold drink in your lap. I guess on those hot summer days it may turn out nice, not to stick to the seats. Also I have to say it has the Navigation Cabe has been dying to having forever. He has an after market GPS in his truck that we always take on trips but I always said it was a distraction and didn't want one. He has fought me till the end on this one, and he won. I didn't really care since most of the Expeditions came standard with it, I just thought now he will get his toy to play with. And he has played with it every time we are in the car. I think they are hazardous, he doesn't pay attention to the road. He loves the voice commands, I think it is just a guy thing!

We are all loving it, and the kids keep saying how nice it smells. You have to love that, they even enjoy that new car scent! I hate however that it has not stopped raining and that beautiful shiny car is now rained on. It is a cream color so I think this one will look alot cleaner then my old navy Yukon.

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